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Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

In 1996, the mean temperature of our precious earth was 58.7 degrees. Due to man’s destructive influences, the earth’s average temperatures, in 2016, the mean temperature was a terrifying 58.7 degrees.

Before the left gets all up in arms, let’s look at the most recent findings from the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI).

Because we should go by what science says, right? That’s what Al Gore tells us to do.

Looking Back…in our files

From 1957 FPS Files

For the first time, a prom queen was chosen by the junior class at Carrollton High School. Miss Charlene McCully, a senior, was crowned by N. K. Blosser, high school principal.

Dr. Carl A. Lincke, a Carrollton physician, was elected Governor of District 665 of Rotary International, world-wide service club organization, at Rotary’s 48th annual convention in Lucerne, Switzerland.

The newly-organized youth choir at Trinity Lutheran Church, organized by Mrs. Arthur Theil, presented its last anthem before summer vacation.

Three Carrollton High School seniors were recognized for having not missed a day of school during their four years at Carrollton High School. They included Glenda Kohler, Florence Beckley and Pat Moore.

Commencement exercises were held May 24 for 102 Minerva High School seniors. Rosemary Lotz was class valedictorian and Carole Jean Scott was the class salutatorian.

Steeple to Street

People all over the world are trying to earn their way to heaven by doing good deeds or following some type of religious code. Some take things to an extreme as we have seen all too often in the last few years as terrorists do terrible things believing it is their ticket to heaven.

In Acts chapter 16, there was a man in Phillipi who was trusted to keep prisoners locked safely away from the public. No doubt he thought he was doing all he could to be a good person. When the earth shook and the Apostle Paul prevented him from killing himself, the Phillipi jailer knew there had to be a way to know for sure. He brought the apostle out and asked him the question God wants all of us to ask. Acts 16:30b says, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?”

Looking Back… in our files

From 1957 FPS Files

Class speakers for Carrollton High School’s 1957 commencement exercises included Richard Niemiec, Valedictorian; Nancy Jo Kean, Salutatorian; David Donaldson, Oratorian, and Dr. Carl C. Bracy, president of Mount Union College.

Approval was given for the construction of a new state highway garage for Carroll County to be located on the Hamilton farm on SR 9, north of Carrollton.

Speakers for the Commencement exercises for the 17 members of the graduating class at Augusta High School were Paul McGhee, valedictorian; Larue Bennett, salutatorian, and Rev. Roland Showalter, Bellaire Presbyterian Church minister.

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

Sometimes after walking and jamming to some great rock and roll, I like to go sit at one of the picnic tables, mellow out and listen to some slow tunes – just me and my dog.

Just look at the sky. “If you don’t know me by now, you’ll never, never, never know me,” would be one of my favorites.

As we get older, we get complicated. What was important yesterday may not be important today.  Who we knew yesterday may not be recognizable today. And I reflect on that when I listen to that song because I think of my mom when she had Alzheimers and I think of how she took care of  us back then but how we took care of her later. Not an easy job to be sure.

It was hard on my dad. All those years they were truly in love. It was hard in caring for her. It was harder for him in losing her. And when he was knocking on the door of death, I  whispered in his ear and said to him, “Dad, it’s time for you to go. Mom is waiting for you and you know how impatient mom can be.”

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