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Looking Back…in our files

From 1957 FPS Files

Life Scout badges were presented to Merle Coe, son of Mr. and Mrs. Merle Coe, and David Dyke, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dyke, during a Boy Scout Court of Honor held during the community July 4th program at the Carroll County fairgrounds.

Arthur E. Theil was named to succeed Del Baroni as Carrollton High School’s music supervisor and band director. Baroni resigned to teach music in the county system and Theil, a Carrollton resident, came from Sandy Valley High School where he was music supervisor and instrumental music instructor.

Carrollton Village Council passed an ordinance prohibiting unnecessary noise in connection with the operation of motor vehicles within the village and providing for punishment of violators.

Carroll County Probate Judge William T. Allmon announced he will be a candidate for the new county court judge position created by legislation which did away with the justice of peace system.

Steeple to Street

I was glancing through one of my decorating magazines and saw articles about getting your home ready for summer. I kept thinking about that Bible verse that talks about God’s “wonderful works”, so I looked it up and realized it was in Psalm 107:8.

Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!

I truly enjoy summer and all that the Lord shares with us.  Of course the first thing I think about in summer is the sun.  I really missed the sunshine this winter.   I think the sun is such a fascinating thing. It lights up the whole world and heats up the earth.  It helps the crops grow.  We can even use it as a power source.

The sun warms us up and does such good for our bodies.   It’s a source to help us produce Vitamin D for our bodies, which we need.  Sunshine sure helps our mood too and has such healing benefits.

Looking Back…in our files

From 1957 FPS Files

Construction work on a new all electric Ohio Power Co. office service building on the corner of W. Main St. and S. High St. in Carrollton was expected to begin in July. Cost the project was estimated at $100,000.

Lynn Fox was named president of the Carrollton Junior Chamber of Commerce, succeeding Mac Guess, who was elected state director.

Twenty-four members of Amsterdam Boy Scout Troop 242 completed the U. S. Bureau of Miners first aid course.

Carrollton Garden Club held their seventh annual flower show in the Carrollton High School auditorium.

Rev. William Leyshon of Sarver, PA, assumed the pastorate of Carrollton Wesleyan Methodist Tabernacle, succeeding Rev. E. DeWeerd Lupton.

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,

Phantom Fireworks hopes everyone enjoys a wonderful family Independence Day holiday, and, if you use consumer fireworks, please use them safely. There is no good consumer fireworks experience if it does not emphasize safety first.

Phantom advises everyone to follow the safety rules, obey the fireworks laws where you are using them and have the products used by a sober adult who conforms to the rules.

Phantom asks anyone using consumer fireworks to familiarize themselves with the fireworks use rules posted in the Fireworks University section of

Steeple to Street

Billy Graham said that when he was asked to preach his first sermon, he had 4 sermons prepared. He was so nervous he preached all four of them in under 10 minutes. Can you imagine if Billy Graham had said, “You know, I’m just not cut out for this. I don’t want to endure that kind of embarrassment again?” The world would have missed one of the greatest preachers of all time. Failure doesn’t have to be final.

We need to learn to make the most of our mistakes. I’m told in the back woods of Arkansas, there was a man who worked both as a veterinarian and as a taxidermist. The sign on his office door read:

“Remember, either way, you get your dog back!”

You see, we can learn from our mistakes. Failure doesn’t have to be final.

In Galatians 6:9, we read “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at a proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

Isn’t it true that many of us give up too quickly? But one of the best ways to learn is through failure. You become a success through failure.

But that is not to imply we have to enjoy it or that it feels good. Failure hurts but faith can move us forward.


Rev. Damon Spurgeon

Dellroy Church of the Nazarene


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