Ronald Eugene Kaufman of Cadiz, Ohio, passed away on November 14, 2022. Born December 2, 1940, he was the son of the late Warren Harding Kaufman and Juanita Scheiderer Kaufman. He graduated from North High School in Columbus, Ohio, and took many college and special training courses also.

He was the hardest-working man I ever knew. He worked six and seven days each week to provide everything possible for his family. He was so talented. He could make or fix anything. He loved landscaping and making everything beautiful, as you can see by looking at our home. I am so proud of him and his accomplishments. I am so sorry he didn’t live longer to enjoy our home. He liked to drive his cars, especially the Camaros, and take his boat to Salt Fork Lake. Ron retired as a pattern maker for General Motors. He is missed so very much by his wife, Shirley, his dog Bella, friends, relatives, and neighbors.

He chose to die at home and donate his body to science at Ohio State University. There are no services planned. Thank you, Stonerise Hospice, for all your help and loving care.