Not every business has a history of belonging to one family for five generations. However, for Alec McBane, this history became reality when the Ohio State graduate stepped up to the plate of the McBane Insurance Agency in Carrolton, Ohio, on Jan. 8, 2024.

Alec is the oldest son of co-owner David McBane. David and his brother, Dan made up the fourth generation of McBanes to own the business.

According to Christy Kemmer, the vision of the McBane Agency was to always be a family business.

“…in a day and age where large corporations are buying businesses like ours, our business is fortunate enough to continue to thrive,” Kemmer affirms.

Founded in 1900, this family company has been committed to supporting its community. Even with its main location being stationed in Bergholz, Ohio for 124 years, the business has grown and developed alongside its community.

Kemmer stated that the company has “opened more locations, increased staff, [and] implemented more technology.”

The McBane Insurance Agency has not only grown but also expanded its investment in the surrounding community. Kemmer explained how the McBane Agency has supported schools, churches, charities, and more.

“The agency has a program for staff members to pay $5 perweek to wear jeans on Fridays,” sates Kemmer. “At various times during the year, the money collected is donated to various charitable organizations and causes.”

The same community that McBane Insurance Agency supports have made it possible for this agency to continue to flourish and grow. The agency values its long-term customers and current customers’ referrals which, Kemmer states, “have allowed the agency to continue to write new business.”

Now, Alec McBane, a producer enhancing his skills, will be stepping into the shoes of this community-oriented business founded by James McBane.

If you are interested in McBane’s insurance services in home, auto, business insurance and bonds, and would like an estimate for how much they can cover, stop by their office at 262 2nd St., Bergholz; 1115 Canton Rd., Carrollton or 215 Main St., Wintersville. You can also call 740-768-2121 or visit their website at Email: