A total of 4,801, including 878 early voters – turned out in Carroll County for Tuesday’s March 19 primary election. The total represents only 26.6% of the 18,048 registered voters in the county.

Although there were no contests among the ten county offices, there were party challenges among Democrats and Republicans for the U. S. Congress 6th District seat, which includes all of Carroll County.

According to Carroll County Board of Elections unofficial tabulations, the two Congressional Democrat candidates were Rylan Z. Finzer and Michael L. Kripchak, who received 293 and 489 votes, respectively.

On the Republican ticket, the three Congressional candidates were Michael R. Rulli, who pooled 1,154 votes, Reggie Stolftzfus, 2,061 votes, and Rick Tsai, 341 votes.

The same candidates were listed for both the full 4-year Congressional term commencing Jan. 3, 2025, and the unexpired term ending Jan. 2, 2025.

The only other political races involved the 7th District Court of Appeals where Mary DeGenaro (1,135 votes) and Katleyn Dickey (2,145) sought the Republican nomination, and the Republican Member of the State Central Committee Woman where Roberta A. Baker (1,218 votes) challenged Allison Zwicker (1,735).

All Six Issues Passed

The six issues on Tuesday’s Primary Election ballot approved unofficially included:

-A Brown Local School District 3.5-mill tax levy renewal which passed unofficially 582 For and 414 Against;

-East Township 1-mill tax levy renewal – For 98; Against 50;

Local Options

-Great Trail Golf Course – Yes 205; No 98;

-Great Trail Golf Course Sunday sales – Yes 198; No 106;

-Century Farms – Yes 171; No 62;

-Century Farms Sunday sales – Yes 160; No 63.