A 20-year-old Massillon man, who was indicted last November involving a Sept. 30, 2023, stabbing and bow and arrow shooting of a Carrollton area teenager, possibly could spend the next decade in prison – along with being required to register as a violent offender. 

At a hearing Monday in Carroll County Common Pleas Court, Michael J. Geckler of 1421 Tremont St. SW rear, Massillon, withdrew former not guilty pleas to a Nov. 1, 2023, indictment charging him with one count of attempted murder (1st degree felony) and one count of felonious assault (2nd degree felony) and entered guilty pleas to the indictment charging him with one count of attempted murder and the felonious assault charge (1st and 2nd degree felonies). 

Geckler was then sentenced by Common Pleas Court Judge Michael V. Repella to 8 to 12 years in prison on conviction of the first and second degree felonies. In a separate Journal Entry, Geckler was ordered to register as a violent offender under Ohio law. 

According to Carroll County Prosecuting Attorney Steven D. Barnett, the felonious assault charge was merged with the attempted murder count – meaning you can’t commit the attempted murder without committing the felonious assault. 

In commenting on the conviction, Prosecutor Barnett said: “This was a fair resolution that involved the victim and his family. The victim was very lucky and no doubt that his youth (17 at the time) was a factor in surviving his injuries.” 

The Prosecutor also said the victim physically appears to have recovered but he will carry the scars for life. Barnett also noted the victim was present and addressed the Court at Monday’s sentencing. 

Background of Stabbing

In a previous press release, Prosecutor Barnett said Geckler purposely shot the 17-year-old friend in the back with a bow and arrow and repeatedly stabbed the youth at a King Road residence on the Sept. 30, 2023, date. 

The youth was hospitalized with serious injuries but was later discharged and returned to his home to recover.