Equipment blamed for Saturday fire


By Carol McIntire


Structure fire rbg
Carrollton firefighters shoot water on a structure fire from the deck of the village’s new fire truck Saturday. Firefighters from five departments were on the scene at the N. Lisbon St. building for about five hours.

The cause of a fire that caused approximately $50,000 damage to an industrial site in Carrollton Saturdayremains under investigation. Carrollton Fire Captain Chris Brooks, who served as incident commander, said village firefighters were called to an industrial site at 755 N. Lisbon St., at 12:03 p.m. The building is owned by Charlie McCort of Carrollton. An employee working in the building called the Sheriff’s office to report the fire. “Wewere toned out for a garage fire on Gable Rd. in Harrison Twp. just a few minutes prior to the call,” Brooks explained. “We had just arrived on the scene and were told by Dellroy firefighters the fire was under control when we were toned to respond to the N.Lisbon St. fire.”When firefighters arrived nine minutes later, they found black smoke billowing out the doors and

windows of the steel building used in the manufacture of materials used to make plastic pipe. Brooks said firefighters shot water from the deck gun on the village’s new fire truck and the village’s engine #9 to clear the smoke. “We cut a hole in the siding and vents in the roof to allow the smoke to escape,” he said. “When we were able to get inside, we found the ventilation system of a mixer and the dust inside it on fire. We put out the fire.” Because firefighters were uncertain if any plastic material had burnt, they called in the Carroll County HAZMAT team and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. As a precaution, they also advised village residents to stay inside, close windows and turn off air conditioners.

Wade Basler of the Ohio EPA determined there was no hazard to the public as none of the plastic materials in the building burned. Brooks said a total of 50 firefighters from five fire departments responded and “worked well together.” “We had firefighters and trucks from the village, Carroll County, Dellroy, Great Trail and Fox Twp.,” he said. Two firefighters were treated for non-fire related ailments.  Brooks expressed his appreciation to all the departments that responded, the village police department for directing traffic and those who provided food and water to firefighters who remained on the scene for over five hours. “This fire was the first opportunity we’ve had to use Engine 10 (the new truck) and it worked fabulous,” Brooks said.