Collin Meek wins state championship; first in Bell-Herron school history

Collin Meek

CARROLLTON – Collin Meek finished seventh grade with a shiny medal to his name.

Meek won the state speech tournament becoming Bell-Herron Middle School’s first speech state champion.

The tournament, held earlier this year, was the first state tournament Meek had competed in. He participated in the Interpretation, Humor, Drama, Poetry and Prose.

Meek chose “The Day the Crayons Quit” by Drew Daywalt as his speech. He had to memorize it and act out the seven minute and 45 second speech. It begins when the crayons begin to fight amongst themselves and write letters to their owner.

He had to act out the crayons parts and show a wide range of emotions.

Meek admitted he was nervous but thinks that nervousness helped him do better.

His division began with 29 competitors. When they began to announce the placings, they begin with fifth place and work down to first place.

“When I realized I was the last one whose named was called, I was kind of in shock,” he stated.

This was Meek’s second year participating in speech tournaments. He plans to continue. Vonda Barnhart serves as the speech team coach.

Meek is the son of Shane and Anitra Meek of Carrollton.