Advanced Power announces plans to build natural gas power plant in Columbiana Co.


By Carol McIntire



Advanced Power announced plans to build its second natural gas electric generating facility in northeast Ohio.

Jonathan Winslow, senior vice president for development at Advanced Power, said the 1,100-megawatt plant will be constructed in Columbiana County near Wellsville by South Field Power, a subsidiary of Advanced Power.

A 700-megawatt plant is under construction on SR 9 north of Carrollton by Carroll County Energy, also a subsidiary of Advanced Power.

The proposed facility will be located on less than 20 acres of land that is part of a 150-acre parcel.

This site is approximately three miles from the village of Wellsville and, like the Carroll County site, provides nearby access to the power grid and a supply of natural gas.

“A natural gas pipeline (Dominion Energy) is about two miles away and the electric transmission lines (First Energy) is about two and a half miles away so minimal infrastructure upgrades will be needed,” Winslow noted.

In Carroll County, AEP transmission lines and Tennessee Gas (Kinder Morgan) gas pipelines are both located within less than a mile of the facility. “We will be working off the blueprint of the Carroll County facility,” Winslow said. “There are a few differences: the plant will be bigger -1,100-megawatts vs. 700 megawatts- due to newer General Electric turbine technology, but both are the combined cycle using GE turbines”

The Carroll County facility, projected to open in 2017, is an air cooled system. The Columbiana County facility will be water cooled.

South Field Energy plans to purchase water from the Buckeye Water District, which is located near the site. “Buckeye Power was looking for a customer like us,” said Winslow. “For cooling towers, we need raw, untreated water which is readily available from Buckeye.

We create a revenue source for them.” The project represents a $1.1 billon capital investment that will generate an average peak of 550 construction jobs for up to three years. When completed the facility will employ 25 full-time employees in well-paying engineering, technical, operation, management and administrative positions. “Ohioans are facing a growing gap in energy production,” Winslow said. “With facilities like this, we can begin to close that gap by using advanced technology to produce substantial, reliable power while also minimizing our environmental footprint.”

Bechtel, a global leader in engineering procurement and construction with more than 60 years experience in the design and execution of complex power projects, will serve as the general contractor.

Bechtel is also the general contractor for the Carroll County project.

Zac Godon will oversee the South Field project in Columbiana County with support from Winslow.

Gordon said the Columbiana County project will be a catalyst for economic growth in that county just as Carroll County Energy has done in Carroll County.

Mike Murphy, site manager for the Carroll County project, said Advanced Power’s commitment is to utilize “quality local labor and quality local contractors” for the projects.

As an example, he noted a local cement contractor, Smith Concrete, located on SR 9 will provide a large quantity of cement for the project later this month and several employees at the site are local residents.

South Field is in the process of completing environmental studies and plans to complete development by the end of 2016 and apply for necessary permits.

“We are looking at a 30-36 month construction period, just like the Carrollton facility, and are scheduled to start construction in 2017 and have it completed by 2020,” said Gordon.