Antique Club surprises member by restoring tractor


A simple question asked in the spring of 2017 resulted in a big surprise for a local man.

John Tubaugh of Carrollton operates a farm on Bacon Rd. He is also a member of the Carroll County Antique Collector’s Club. During the club’s spring drive, he asked fellow member, Dave Seck, if he would paint his 1947 Farmall W4 tractor. Seck told him he didn’t have time.

Tubaugh had the tractor in his garage and was in the beginning stages of restoring it when he became ill. When time arrived for the Tubaugh reunion, his son moved the tractor to his house in order to set up tables, etc. Tubaugh said he forgot about the tractor.

“I was sitting on the porch and people from the club stopped by,” he said. “Then Dave (Seck) and Willie (Prinkey) came in with the tractor on the trailer. I couldn’t believe it.”

Seck said, “Motor (John’s son) called and asked me if I would paint the tractor for his dad. He snuck it to my garage and Willie, served as the foreman and rounded up the troops and we worked together.”

Club members worked two months on Tuesdays and Thursdays restoring the tractor. They sandblasted, fixed dents, replaced bad parts and removed rust.

Seck admitted it was hard to keep it hid during the process. After the “big reveal”, Seck learned when Tubaugh’s neighbor’s stopped by to visit, he took them to see the tractor.

“We decided to make the project a club activity because John has done so much for the club,” Seck stated. “John is a great guy. We have pulled tractors together and he is the same guy before you hook as after he hooks, regardless of who beats who. He is a good competitor.”

The tractor was on display at the club’s Antique Power Show held Oct. 20-22 at the Carroll County Fairgrounds. Tubaugh competed in both transfer and dead weight pulls Friday and Saturday.

For more information about the club and their activities, contact Kevin Nichols, club president, at 330-323-3826.