Band Boosters want to tap into Athletic Booster funds

By Nancy Schaar
FPS Correspondent


Rose Kienzle spoke on behalf of the Band Boosters to members of the Carrollton Exempted Village School District Board of Education last week.

Kienzle said the group has been raising money for several years to buy new band uniforms and made the down payment of $17,000. The uniforms have been ordered and delivery is expected in September.

Through continued fundraisers and working the gate at the county fair, the group has about $41,000 in anticipated revenues to pay on the remaining bill of $56,500.  That leaves a shortfall of $15,500.

“We have taken care of 73% of the cost for new uniforms. We don’t receive money from the board.  We are not part of the athletic booster club or any of the money they raise, since band is not a sport,” stated Kienzle.

Kienzle gave examples from other school districts regarding the funding for band, noting other districts receive money from the school budget.

The board was asked to consider making the band be part of the athletic fund.

Superintendent Dr. Dave Quattrochi pointed out the school board does pay for the busing of students at away events.

Kienzle said they do get a turn at concessions once in a while but they usually make about $300 profit and each student who works is given a $50 credit in their account to be used towards the $200 per student cost for band camp. Kienzle also pointed out that band is pay-to-play. She said if students don’t go to band camp, they cannot participate in band.

Kienzle suggested since former athletic directors have retired and new leaders will be coming in, the board change the athletic booster club to student activities club so all students can benefit from funds that are raised.

Regarding the athletic department, the board accepted the resignation of Jason Eddy as high school assistant principal and hired him as athletic director on a limited two-year contract. Eddy will receive $378 per day for 204 days as the former athletic director did.

Matthew J. White was hired as Director of Technology with a limited two-year contract at a rate of $200 per day for 260-262 days.

Administrators were happy to announce that bid openings will be held in the next few days for the various contracts available to build the new grades six through twelve facility for Carrollton schools.

Director of Programs Ed Robinson said meetings are held every two weeks regarding construction plans. He also said that bids will be awarded May 25.

“By the first week or so of June, we will be seeing some work begin.  Probably the first thing will be the construction of an access road off of the Industrial Park road leading back to the property where construction will begin,” said Robinson.

Quattrochi said things will be moving soon.  He also said the road will be constructed so heavy equipment will not be using the driveway into the current Board of Education offices or the stadium.

The board approved extra curricular sports contracts for the following: varsity assistant football coaches Adam Shipley, Joseph McGee, Joshua Beadnell and Storm Hill, freshman football head coach Rodney Wood, middle school football coach Cameron Clapper, varsity volleyball head coach Amanda Tressa, varsity volleyball assistant coach Peter Husted, reserve volleyball head coach Lindsay Traver, middle school volleyball coach Jamie Hawk, girls varsity soccer head coach Eric Knotts, head football cheerleading coach Tonya Trussell, assistant football cheerleading assistant coach Tabatha Ferren, head basketball cheerleading coach Tonya Trussell, assistant basketball cheerleading coach Tabatha Ferren, and cheerleading competition squad coach Sarah Grubb.

High school activities supplemental contracts awarded to the following: yearbook,Trisha Dillon; Academic Challenge, Wesley Frew; French language club, Belinda Mach; Spanish foreign language club, Robin Hauenstein; National Honor Society, Angela Miller; Special Olympics, Dianna Fairclough; Student council, Craig Brooks and Meghan Hill; C.H.S. Club, Belinda Mach; Jr. class advisors, Angela Miller and Sharon Deitz; head band director, David Dickerhoof; assistant band directors, Lori Strader and Ryan Reed; steel drum band head director, Ryan Reed; choir director, Mindy Domer; speech and drama head coach, Alzana Nuzzolillo; Speech and Drama assistant coach, Bradley Eick and Ronald Nuzzolillo; fall play head director, spring musical head director, Alzana Nuzzolillo; and fall play assistant director, spring musical assistant director, spring musical choreographer, Ronald Nuzzolillo.

Curriculum contracts awarded for coordinators included: high school English, Tara Marteney; high school mathematics, Denise Hutson; high school science, Susan Incerpi; high school social studies, Angela Ruggieri; middle school English, Julie Roebuck; middle school mathematics, Vonda Barnhart; middle school science, Abra Neeley; and middle school social studies, Melinda Lutton.

Middle school contracts included: yearbook, Julie Roebuck and Nichole Keffer; student council, Corwin Koppleman and Shawn Neeley; astronomy club, Richard Moyer; and speech and debate head coach and spring play head coach, Vonda Barnhart.

Golf coaching contracts were tabled until the next meeting.

In other business, the board:

– MET in executive session for 35 minutes to discuss negotiations and compensation of an employee.

– APPROVED the five-year financial forecast presented by Treasurer Roxanne Mazur.

– HONORED volunteers at district schools with a light lunch and many thank you’s.  Quattrochi said the students depend on secretaries, bus drivers, custodians, cooks, mechanics, maintenance and all volunteers to keep them safe, fed, and cared for.

– ACCEPTED resignations of psychologist Cynthia Olivito, and teachers Deborah Myers and Peter Woodruff.

– APPROVED summer education budgets with $3,100 for high school and $8,190 for elementary programs.

– HONORED Rose Reed for 31 years of service to the district as a cook at Dellroy elementary school.

– HIRED substitute classified personnel through the end of the year including Drake Anderson, Eliza Days, Jacob Grubbs and Andrew Lewis.

– WILL consider the installation of a rock climbing wall and playground equipment at Carrollton Elementary after insurance questions have been researched.

– RENEWED a contract with Epiphany Management Group through June 30, 2018.

– SIGNED a contract with Ohio Mid-Eastern Regional Education Service Agency for managed internal broadband service agreement through June 30, 2022.