Carroll County prosecutor addresses social media concerns over man who exposed himself to young girl

Steven Barnett

CARROLLTON, OHIO — Carroll County Prosecuting Attorney Steven D. Barnett issues the following statement today:
“Much has been discussed on social media regarding the case against Gary D. Lee, Jr. First and foremost, we sympathize with the victim and her family. Our victim-witness assistance office has been engaged to offer whatever assistance that is available,” Barnett said in a statement.
“As a prosecutor, I am limited in the remarks I can make in response due to ethical rules as well as the presumption of innocence. Suffice it to say, prosecutors are duty-bound to enforce the laws as they are written and this controversy sheds light on the inadequacy of the public indecency law, which should have more teeth for circumstances such as these. We hope that legislators take note.
Prosecutors ethically and professionally cannot prosecute cases beyond the scope of the law or expand the evidence to support something that is not attainable under the law. We will review any evidence in an investigation to determine whether or not that evidence supports the filing and the pursuing charges consistent with meeting our burden of proof under the law ”