Bell-Herron students earn top honors at solo, ensemble festival

The ten Bell-Herron Middle School music students who received accomplished ratings for the vocal and instrumental solos at a solo and ensemble festival held April 15 at Carrollton High School are shown in the above photo.
Front row (from left) are Mattea Morrison, Isabella Hawkins, Kara Zacapela-Diaz and Brianna Ohler. Standing behind (from left) are Olivia Nist, Chandra Brammer, Savannah Gallo, Hailey Ash, Alex Lowery and Kaylee Joseph.

CARROLLTON – Four choral soloists, 12 instrumental soloists, six choral ensembles and six instrumental ensembles involving 7th and 8th grade music students at Carrollton’s Bell-Herron Middle School took part in a solo and ensemble festival held April 15 at Carrollton High School.

According to CHS Head Band Director David Dickerhoof, the band and choir students had the opportunity to perform for clinicians where they received verbal and written feedback on their performances as well as tips for improvement.

The clinicians included Beth Rivers, band instrumental, and Christi Schwiger, choir.

Receiving accomplished (I) ratings for vocal solos were Kara Zacapela-Diaz and Hailey Ash.

Choral soloists receiving Excellent (II) ratings were Kaylee Leggett and Bryce Marshall.

Instrumental soloists receiving Accomplished (I) ratings included Penelope Menarcheck, Mattea Morrison and Chandra Brammer, all flute; Kaylee Joseph and Isabella Hawkins, both snare drum; Briana Ohler and Alex Lowery, both trumpet; Savannah Gallo, clarinet, and Olivia Nist, piano.

Instrumental soloists receiving Excellent (II) ratings were Jada Ruiz, Kaylee Leggett and Allie Hale, all clarinet.

Vocal ensembles receiving Accomplished (I) ratings included:

Soprano-Alto-Bass ensemble consisting of Penelope Menarcheck, Mattea Morrison and Dylan Schaar;

Soprano Alto ensemble of Leslie Winemiller, Masyn Ohler and Jasmine Poole;

Soprano duet of Alicia Lebbano and Madi Bittaker;

Soprano ensemble of Tea Rector, Destiny Burkhart and Victoria Pusakric;

Soprano ensemble of Bethany Townsend, Kara Zacapela-Diaz and Brittany Lee;

Baritone ensemble of Ricky Stull, Grant Baker and Jim-Oliver Toalston.

A mixed woodwind trio of Rachel Barrett, Masyn Ohler and Tara Oberlin received an Accomplished (I) rating.

Instrumental ensembles receiving Excellent (II) ratings included:

Trumpet quartet of Brianna Ohler, Bobbie McGinnis, Ethan Tubaugh and Colton Moore;

Percussion trio of Kaylee Joseph, Isabella Hawkins and Austin Kirchbaum;

Mixed woodwind quartet of Austin Hoobler, Jada Ruiz, McKenna Groves and Collin Meek;

Mallet quartet of Elizabeth Funkhauser, Joline Greaves, Kiera Taggart and McKayla Nitz.

A brass trio of Colton Moore, Ethan Tubaugh and Dylan Schaar received a Capable (III) rating.