Canfield man loses life after crashing plane in Fox Twp


By Carol McIntire



The death of a Canfield man believed to have died when his plane crashed in wooded area in Fox Twp. April 24 has a bright spot: the man’s dog survived the crash and, after being checked by a local veterinarian, is recovering in the home of a county sheriff’s dept. official.

Carroll County Sheriff Dale Williams said officials from his department found the body of Willard C. Olds, 83, Friday morning in the wreckage of his Cessna 182 single engine plane in a wooded area. Olds was still strapped into the seat. His poodle, Killer, was found under a seat in the plane wreckage. “They brought him out to me,” Sheriff Williams said. “I called one of my employees who took the dog to a local vet to have him checked out. He had some injuries, but is expected to be fine.”

Williams said his department received a call about 6:37 p.m. April 28 asking for a deputy to check the Carroll County Airport for Old’s plane.

“They said Olds was reported missing and wanted to know if his plane was at the airport,” Williams said. “We checked the area and spoke with an airport employee.

We received a call back from the Airport Restaurant owner who said an employee told her Olds was there Sunday and left in the plane. He called back and asked if he’d left keys and a jacket behind. He retuned to the airport to retrieve the items and left again.”

Williams said that was the last time he was seen or heard from.

Later the evening of April 28, Williams said the department received a call from the Air Force asking the department to check the area around Mechanicstown and McClain field for the plane.

“This morning we went out with deputies and firefighters in ATVs and they located the wreckage in a wooded area between a quarter and half mile south of SR 39 near its intersection with Cobbler Rd. in Fox Twp.,” Williams said.

Williams said a local farmer told law enforcement officials he saw a plane with the engine “sputtering” over his property Sunday.

Carroll County Coroner Dr. Mandal Haas pronounced Olds dead at the scene.

Officials from the FAA and Ohio State Highway Patrol were on the scene conducting an investigation Friday afternoon.