Canton man files lawsuit against county; stems from traffic crash


A Canton man is suing Carroll County for injuries he claims he received in a motorcycle accident on Blade Rd. in 2015.

James R. Keller of 3709 Middlebranch Ave. NE, Canton, has filed a complaint in the Carroll County Clerk of Courts office against the Carroll County Board of Commissioners and John Does 1-10, all identities and addresses unknown.

The complaint claims negligence, recklessness and wanton conduct in which the plaintiff is seeking damages for bodily injuries allegedly sustained in a vehicular accident Aug. 13, 2015, in Brown Twp.

In the five-cause complaint, Keller is seeking damages for bodily injuries in excess of $25,000, lost wages in excess of $25,000, damages for pain and suffering in excess of $25,000 and damages for mental anguish and emotional distress in an amount of $25,000.

According to the complaint, Keller was traveling southbound on Blade Rd., approaching Liberty Church Rd. in Brown Twp. when his motorcycle encountered loose gravel, causing a violent vehicular accident that resulted in extensive injury to him.

He also contends there were no warnings of loose gravel or an unsafe road surface.

As a result of the condition of the road, which was out ofrepair, Keller lost control of his motorcycle and was struck by an oncoming vehicle which was traveling northbound on Blade Rd.

Upon the impact of the collision, Keller was ejected from his motorcycle and became pinned under the oncoming vehicle when it came to rest on the west side of the road.

According to the complaint, Keller was treated for a traumatic brain injury, head and neck fractures and numerous broken bones and fractures in his arms, shoulders and legs. Keller contends he continues to experience significant pain, permanent injuries, bodily deformity, mental anguish and loss of life. He also says he missed several months of work and lost wages as a result of the collision.