Carroll County Airport Authority Board seeks to fill vacant position


By Nancy Schaar

FPS Correspondent

The Carroll County Airport Authority Board is in search of one new member to fill a vacant seat on their seven member board. Airport Board President John Cross announced anyone interested in filling that position should contact him at his email address of   Applications are due by July 24.  Cross said that he will form a committee to conduct interviews and choose someone to fill the open seat.  A recommendation will be made to county commissioners because commissioners are required by law to make the appointment. County commissioners received applications and conducted interviews and selected the last board member a few months ago.Commissioners have not taken action during a meeting to turn the interview process over to the airport board. Commissioner Tom White said he researched commissioner records and spoke to the prosecutor on the matter and feels the airport board would be more knowledgeable in choosing the appropriate person to sit on the board. In an unrelated matter, Consultant Lance Wannamaker reported he met with the surveyor and the amount of footage legally available to install a fence will be close.  The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires 210 feet and Tolson Field has 202 feet.   Wannamaker said a simple change in the striping of the runway may provide enough balance of the footage that the FAA will approve and give the go ahead to have the perimeter fence installed. The requirement by the FAA that the perimeter fence be placed ten feet within the property line is causing some issues in having the needed footage available for the runway as required by the FAA. During the survey, all corners of the property were clearly marked and staked.  The board has repeatedly paid the former consultant for several surveys of the property. The board demanded stakes be clearly marked and left in place this time.  Wannamaker will continue to work with the FAA to reach a suitable compromise. Cross reported that a structural issue has been found with the back porch of the airport restaurant.  He also reported work is being done on the recently vacated maintenance and storage building.  Long time tenant Leon Lamp was given an eviction notice a few months ago and has vacated the property. Several companies have already expressed their interest in those available spaces.  Repairs on both those buildings will continue in the coming weeks. Restaurant tenant Lisa Stansbury said she had several issues that needed addressed.  She began by stating mowing is being done continually around the other rental properties at the airport but not around the restaurant.  Cross asked to speak to Stansbury about the issues after the meeting and she agreed.  In other business the airport board: -PURCHASED an American flag and said the Pledge of Allegiance to open the meeting at the recommendation of White. – HEARD from member Karen Tuttle the new computer is working fine and a new printer and filing cabinet had also been purchased by the secretary. – TABLED the treasurer’s report till next month because Tuttle said there were a few problems and it wasn’t ready. – LEARNED work on the runway lights is continuing but it is difficult to make progress in the rain and mud.