Carroll County sheriff speaks on events that led to deputy-involved shooting death

Carroll County Sheriff Dale Williams was able to answer a few questions regarding the events surrounding the shooting death of Robert Sikon last week.

Sikon was a passenger in a vehicle driven by a female on State Route 171 at New Harrisburg Saturday shortly before noon.
A deputy was on that road and just finishing up paperwork and details from an accident. He noticed the truck as it went by and recognized Sikon in the passenger seat. The deputy was aware Sikon had warrants out on him in several counties for crimes related to drugs, theft and non-support.
He followed the truck on SR 171 and indicated for the truck to pull over. The driver pulled over and the deputy asked the passenger to put his hands out of the window. Sikon complied, and the deputy removed Sikon from the vehicle.
While trying to place handcuffs on Sikon, Sikon struggled with the deputy and ran. Although he was repeatedly told to stop or the deputy would fire his weapon, Sikon continued to run and was shot.
The Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation was notified immediately and arrived on the scene about an hour later. Williams said BCI will have the lead in the investigation into the shooting incident.
The 911 call made to the sheriff’s office on Saturday was released following a proper public records request from a media outlet. Williams said that was the entire 911 call.
Those 60 words were:
“911 Dispatch – 911. Do you need police, fire, or medical?
Male Caller – Hey, no, no, no.  The sheriff told me to call 911. He needs some help. He’s out here across from the old country store here in New Harrisburg. He’s got a guy on him. Ok. I think someone’s got him in a corner here.
911 Dispatch – Ok, ok. Hang on……”
Williams arrived on the scene shortly thereafter along with additional Carroll County Deputies. Carrollton Village Police officers responded to assist with traffic control at the scene.
An autopsy was performed by the Stark County Coroner’s office and results will not be released for several weeks. The coroner’s office said on Monday the cause of death has not been determined or released at this time.
The office representative said that full testing has been ordered, including toxicology, histology and more.
No further information will be released from the county sheriff’s department at this time, according to Williams.
The deputy has been placed on administrative leave from the sheriff’s department.