CHS bowling teams top Minerva, fall to Jackson

Carrollton senior Emmett Davis rolled games of 226 and 234 last week in a loss to Jackson.

After having a week off, the Carrollton bowling teams both picked up wins over Minerva before falling to Jackson.

For the boys team, the 2556 – 2349 win over the Lions was their first of the season.

The Warriors held an 1821 – 1647 advantage after the individual games and won the baker 735-702.

Senior Zac Roberts led Carrollton with games of 203 and 192 for a 395. Senior Emmett Davis rolled games of 194 and 171 for a 365, Mark Grimm, 186 and 123 for a 309, Damon Gilland, 231 and 155 for a 386, and Kaleb Nape, 213 and 153 for a 366.

The Lions were led by Tristan Wilson with games of 183 and 173 for a 360. Brendan Garrison rolled games of 203 and 150 for a 353 followed by Blake Archer, 174 and 153 for a 327 and Sam Snyder, 67 and 158 for a 325, Jordan Strader and Cameron Cunningham each rolled one game: 137 for Strader and 145 for Cunningham.

“We were very pleased to come out of this match with a win,” said Coach Dave Davis. Minerva always has been a tough team, so being able to beat them is a big accomplishment. Hopefully, we can build on this win and get some momentum going for the rest of the season.”

Earlier in the week, the Warriors fell 2613 – 2449 to Jackson. Carrollton lost the individual game score 1920 – 2027 and the baker 586-529.

Davis scored 226 and 234 to lead the team with a 460 score. Grimm followed with scores of 225 and 185 for a 409. Roberts rolled games of 201 and 199 for a 400 and Nape rolled games of 160 and 189 for a 349. Gilland and Sam Natcher each bowled one game, with scores of 139 and 163 respectively.

Jackson was led by Jared Tallman with identical games of 202 for a total of 404.


Girls Bowling

The Lady Warriors picked up a 2411-2094 win over Minerva last week and lost a close match to Jackson 2225-2208.

The Warriors won the individual game score 1771 – 1453 agaisnt Minerva but lost the baker by one pin, 641-640.

Against Jackson, the Polar Bears won the individual game score 1746-1727 but the Warriors won the baker 481-479.

Junior Rickee Stidom led the team against Jackson with scores of 210 and 192 for an overall scored of 402 at home against Minerva. Senior Rachel Bright rolled identical games of 180 for a 360, followed by Kira Anderson with games of 171 and 183 for a 354 and Cailyn Bright with games of 145 and 184 for a 329. Mallory Fox and Chelsea Hawk both bowled one game with scores of 137 and 145 respectively.

Jackson was led by Attcia Yacono with identical game scores of 205 for a 410.

Anderson led the way for the Warriors against the Lions. She rolled games of 193 and 198 for a total of 391. Rachel Bright had scores of 185 and 192 for a 377, followed by Fox with games of 166 and 180 for a 346, Cailyn Bright, 170 and 171 for a 341 and Stidom, 171 and 145 for a 316.

Megan Keister led the Lions with games of 161 and 160 for a 321. Katyln Smalley followed one pin behind with games of 145 and 175 for a 320.

The Warrior teams were scheduled to host Alliance Dec. 19 at Carroll Lanes. Action was to begin at 4 p.m. The Warriors are then off until Dec. 30 when they participate in the Park Centre New Year’s Tournament.