CHS boys, girls track teams honor athletes during annual banquet

Front row (left to right): Jillian Rinkes, Layna Pasiuk, Mac Tubaugh, Alivia Bentley, and Micah Donley.
Second row: Calob Dalton, Daniel Lampe, Noah Carrothers and Evan Days.
Third row: Jace Miles and Chase Flanagan.

CARROLLTON – Members of the Carrollton track and field teams celebrated successful seasons when they sat down at the banquet table recently.

The girls team finished the season with a state championship and a state runner-up (both Alivia Bentley), qualified two athletes to the state meet and placed fourth at the Division I district meet at Marietta.

The boys team qualified a relay team and two individuals to the state championships and placed fourth out of 14 teams at the Division II district meet at West Holmes.

The following awards were presented during the banquet.

Most Improved (track events): Jillian Rinkes and Evan Days.

Most Improved (field events): Mac Tubaugh.

Coaches Award: Daniel Lampe, Noah Carrothers and Layna Pasiuk.

Most Valuable Players (field events): Jace Miles, Chase Flanagan and Alivia Bentley.

Most Valuable Players (track events): Micah Donley and Calob Dalton.

Fourth year letter winners: Grace Bartlow, Emma Birong, Kody Schandel, Flanagan and Jose Diaz.

Third year letter winners: Alexis Colletti, Jaci Pridemore, Emmy Days, Alivia Bentley, Bri Burkhart, Donley, Cindy Lewis, Pasiuk, Tubaugh, Noah Carrothers, Miles, Jayson Naylor, Connor Rutledge, John Russell and Dalton.

Second year letter winners: Jezerae Bell, Amanda Bentley, Amanda Byler, Rinkes, Jayle Solomon, Lampe, Evan Days, Alex Carrothers, Bryce Carte, Andrew Gotschall, Jett Russell and Rigo Viveros.

First year letter winners: Ella Little, Mary Lewis, Tessa Bodo, Aliyah Jenkins, Victoria Taylor, Arin Miller, Caydence Trussell, Mary Keane, Emma Zbuka, Lennart Rossius, Justin Naylor, Ryan Walker, Bryan Sterling, Mason Henry, Josh Knipp, Justin Thompson, Emmett Davis, Kyle Amstutz, Robert Husted and Oscar Cazares.

Scholar Athletes: Donley, Alivia Bentley, Pasiuk, Bartlow, Lewis, Emmy Days, Schandel, Pridemore, Rinkes, Tubaugh, Amanda Bentley, Burkhart, Birong, Byler, Noah Carrothers, Lampe, Evan Days, Rutledge, Alex Carrothers, Flanagan, Gotschall, Jett Russell, Colletti, Little, Davis, Zbuka, Solomon, Bodo, Keane, Diaz, Amstutz, Henry, Rossius, Knipp, Justin Naylor, Thompson and Husted.

Top girls team scorers (over 50 points): Donley (241.25); Alivia Bentley (200); Tubaugh (118.75); Lewis (104): Pasiuk (79); Rinkes (68.75); and Burkhart (59.5).

Top boys team scorers (over 50 points): Dalton (162.25); Flanagan (151.75); Carte (106); Noah Carrothers (101.5); Lampe (100); and Miles (91).

Northeastern Buckeye Conference (NBC) awards

First team: girls 4×200 relay team (Burkhart, Rinkes, Lewis and Donley), boys 4×100 relay team (Diaz, Carte, Flanagan and Dalton), Donley (100, 200 and 400 meter runs), Alivia Bentley (shot put) and Jace Miles (shot put).

Second team: Alivia Bentley (discus) and Pridemore (high jump).

Honorable mention: Pasiuk, Tubaugh, Lampe and Noah Carrothers. State qualifiers: Alivia Bentley (shot put and discus), Donley (200, 400), Flanagan (long jump), Dalton (200) and boys 4×1 relay team (Diaz, Carte, Flanagan and Dalton).