CIC agrees to sell 20 acres of Commerce Park property to ODOT for new highway garage


CARROLLTON – The Carroll County Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) agreed to sell 20 acres of property in the Commerce Park located at the southwest corner of the intersection of SR 171 and SR 9 (across SR 171 from the RMC) to the Ohio Department of Transportation for $300,000.

ODOT will also provide $1 million for the installation of water and sewer to the property.

ODOT agreed to transfer ownership of the six and one half acres they own on SR 9 just outside Carrollton, if the county so desires, for the sum of $1.   The county could not accept the ODOT property until one year after ODOT leaves that facility.

Working with the village of Carrollton, this will guarantee the installation of village water and sewer to the SR 171 property for ODOT.

The CIC will sell the 20 acres at $15,000 per acre. Commissioners will pay $100,000 to the CIC and Carrollton Schools will also pay $100,000 to have the water and sewer installed to the SR 171 acreage.

To complete this water and sewer project to bring water and sewer to the SR 171 ODOT property, $1.6 million will be needed.

The CIC will donate an additional $200,000 and funds are expected to be received from the Board of Developmentally Disabled.  The balance of $400,000 will be coming from the county through other funding sources, according to Commissioner Jeff Ohler.

William Stoneman and Mark Wells abstained from the vote, Economic Development Director Tait Carter voted against the sale, stating she felt another location would have been better for the county.  The other 14 members present voted in favor of the 20 – acre sale agreement.

In other matters, discussion was held regarding the yearly reorganizing of the board.  It was moved to retain officers in the same positions for another year.

Several months ago the board had considered selling the communications tower located on SR 9.

Commissioner Bob Wirkner stated a careful investigation was done regarding the tower.  All expenses and all income were calculated and the CIC should keep the tower because it is extremely advantageous to the county.

“Patterson Phone Company is our best customer.  We have trade value with Lauttamaus.  There are many benefits to the county if we keep the tower,” said Wirkner.