Commissioners move Atwood Lodge closing date to Jan. 13, 2017


By Nancy Schaar

FPS Correspondent


Carroll County Commissioners agreed to another extension of the closing date for the sale of Atwood Resort during the Nov. 28 meeting.

The new closing date is January 13, 2017.

Commissioners Bob Wirkner and Tom White voted yes to the agreement.  Commissioner Jeff Ohler was absent.

The decision followed an executive session for the sale of real estate with Attorney Sean Smith.  Smith represents commissioners in the sale of the lodge, golf course, and approximately 75 acres.

Billy Burns, a Youngstown area resident, purchased the lodge for $1.1 million at public auction from the county Aug. 10.  Burns has been in negotiations with Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District attorneys and Director John Hoopengarner to purchase additional acreage bordering the 75 acres owned by the county.

The original closing date was set 45 days after the Aug. 10 sale. That date in September came and went and following other executive sessions the commissioners gave an extension to Burns for an additional 30 days, or until Oct. 26, 2016.

Burns asked commissioners for another extension, which was granted and the closing date was set for Nov. 30.

“Negotiations are continuing with MWCD and we will give them the time they have asked for,” said Wirkner.

Commissioners continue to pay for 24 hour security by Carroll County Sheriff’s department and for the maintenance crew to continue to maintain the building and property.   Those funds do not come from the general fund but are paid from the balance left in the oil and gas lease bonus funds from the lodge property according to White.

In another matter, commissioners received an update from Alison Redmond, an accountant from CORSA (County Risk Sharing Authority), on the recent appraisal of the courthouse property.

The insurance has recently made a determination that commissioners in the state may choose between insuring their courthouses for replacement costs or for reproduction costs.

The distinction is determined between using modern day construction materials and methods or using materials like the original materials and doing them to match the original building.

Commissioners chose to insure for the reproduction costs since the courthouse has been deemed an historical landmark building.

The current replacement cost value of the courthouse is $15,637 million.  The appraisal replacement cost is $15,190 million. If commissioners opt to go from replacement to reproduction, it would cost the county an additional $4,586 per year.

Fine arts items in the building are insured under a $1 million Fine Arts blanket limit.  These items include stained glass windows, statues, paintings, sculptures, and other property of rarity, historical, or artistic value.

In other business:

– ANNOUNCED commissioners will not meet Dec. 5, due to the attendance of two commissioners at a conference.

– REVIEWED budget requests with several office holders and department heads.

– RECEIVED the dog pound report showing four impounded, one tagged, one redeemed and one citation issued for running at large.