Council approves variance, opts not to pursue charges against landowner

By Leigh Ann Rutledge
FPS Reporter


CARROLLTON – Council approved the Zoning Board of Appeals recommendation and approved a variance during the Monday evening meeting.

After much discussion, council granted resident Hal Harsh a variance allowing him to construct a garage on property he owns along an alley coming off Lincoln Ave. The Zoning Board originally met June 11 to discuss the variance and tabled the issue until the board had a chance to view the property.

Harsh installed concrete for the garage in 2017 and began construction this year. Village Building and Zoning Inspector Blaine Strawder stopped construction due to Harsh not having a building permit along with other violations.

During the Zoning Board meeting Monday evening, members considered issuing a fine to Harsh for the violations along with having him purchase a permit. Village Solicitor Clark Battista said the board does not have the ability to issue fines and would have to take the issue to court. If filed, Harsh could be fined for failure to obtain a permit. Council decided to forego the fine and voted to allow the variance as long as Harsh obtains a building permit. Brittany Tangler voted no on the motion.

In an unrelated matter, council voted to have with the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) take over collection of village income tax and administer and enforce village income tax ordinances.

The agency will be paid a percentage of the total income tax collected by the village.

Based on 2016 figures, the village collected $1,094,284. RITA will be paid between 3.78 and 4.17 percent, or $41,300 to 45,660.

An ordinance will be presented at the next meeting.

In other business, council:

-HEARD monthly supervisor reports.

-APPROVED allowing Pam Jenkins to work for the village on a part-time basis until RITA gets established at a rate of $16.85 per hour.

-LEARNED nine applications were received for the street department supervisor position.

-APPROVED an ordinance vacating a portion of an unimproved 14-foot alley running north to south from 3rd St. NE, to an improved 10-foot alley.

-HEARD second reading of an ordinance establishing rental rates for the village’s Hydro Evacuation Truck.

-PASSED an ordinance for a variance for a storage setback on property owned by George Miser (Lumber Service).

-HEARD a concern from Harsh who noted around 1990 he was told by (then) village officials they would install catch basins on his property and it has not been done. He asked current council to look into the issue.

-LEARNED from Strawder the house the fire department is purchasing is zoned residential and will have to be “spot zoned” or changed to “non-conforming use.”

-PAID bills totaling $40,279.35 for vendors and $26,963.80 for payroll.

-SET the next meeting for July 9 at 7 p.m. in council chambers.