Council pledges support for regional transportation project


By Leigh Ann Rutledge

FPS Reporter


Carroll County Commissioner Robert Wirkner visited during the June 27 Carrollton Council meeting.

Wirkner asked Mayor Bill Stoneman to sign a sample letter to Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Director Jerry Wray showing support for the Regional Transportation Improvement Project (RTIP) and the Cooperative Agreement approved by Carroll, Columbiana and Stark Counties. The RTIP between the counties shows the region is working together toward extending US 30 easterly to connect with the Pennsylvania border and a north to south connector to Carrollton. Council voted for Stoneman to sign the letter to show their support.

Another topic Wirkner brought up was the issue of township trustees making a drive to have commissioners release an additional 20 percent of Local Government Funds (LGF) changing the division to 40 percent for commissioners, 30 for villages and 30 for townships. The current division is 60 percent for commissioners, 25 for villages and 15 for townships. Commissioners indicated in the spring they would be willing to modify LGF to 50 for county, 25 for villages and 25 for townships, giving the townships an additional 10 percent. They passed a resolution to release the additional 10 percent of LGF during the week of June 20.

“The issue is like a three legged stool made up of commissioners, villages and townships,” Wirkner explained. “If one is in conflict with the other two legs, the whole initiative collapses and the formula reverts back to the original division meaning townships would not receive any additional funding.”

The third item Wirkner presented to council regarded the shortfall of revenue for the Carroll County Health Department. The department is putting a .04 levy on the November ballot to see if the public is willing to support them. Wirkner explained if the levy passes, it would free up $177,817.83 funds for townships and villages in the county. Carrollton would have $20,729.02 come back into their budget. If the levy fails, the health department will either have to cut nonmandated programs or become affiliated with or consolidate with another health department. If a consolidation would occur, Carroll County would be responsible for reimbursing that county for our mandated services. Council voted to support the health department levy.

In an unrelated matter, Gene Roudebush visited council regarding drain pipe run off from Park Ave. that is washing out a hill and causing trees to erode. Roudebush lives at 200 Steubenville Rd. below Park Ave. If trees erode and fall, they will block the water even more causing more damage. Roudebush noted the water is already moving dirt down the hill and looks to begin running through a field and is creeping toward the Thompson residence at the split of SR39/43.

Village Administrator Mark Wells said he and Street Superintendent Tom Ferrell will look into the issue.

In other business council:

-ACCEPTED the resignation of Christopher Wright, a part-time police officer, who accepted employment with another agency.

-APPROVED an ordinance with Integrity Carpet Cleaning to clean the safety and municipal buildings, not to exceed $1,140 per month.

-PAID bills totaling $81,864.16 for vendors and $35,472.55 for payroll.

-SCHEDULED the next council meeting for July 11 at 7 p.m. in council chambers.