Dunlap, Lovett lead Warriors at Malone


Have you ever wondered why runners run? Carrollton junior Maddie Dunlap, who placed first at the Malone Cross Country Invitational with a time of 19:17, says she enjoys the challenge.

“I run because of the challenge, I love pushing myself to run better times,” said Dunlap. “While I’m running, I try not to think, but when I do [think] I normally try to think positive and remember I’m not just running for myself.”

There is a thing called a running “high”. Some runners reach it and some don’t. When a runner taps into their running high, it allows them to have an easy run and reach euphoria: a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.

“The running high is different for every runner,” said Dunlap. “But for me it’s when I’m not thinking of anything and I have control over my breathing.”

Dunlap reached that “high” Saturday when she captured the individual Division II title at the Malone Invitational and led her team to a second place finish.

Dunlap’s win came in a field of 106 runners. Her first place time was 19:17.

Other Warrior runners placing behind Dunlap were: 8th, Hailey Wells 20:29; 10th, Kady Davis 20:42; 18th, Micah Donley 21:37; 32nd, Emmy Days 22:24; 37th, Cindy Lewis 22:44; and 56th, Kierra Gubesch 24:00.

The CHS boys cross country team placed sixth in Division II at Malone, led by a second place finish by Cole Lovett. Lovett’s time was 16:39.

Other Warrior runners and their placing included: 11th, Quinton Huggett 17:30; 35th, Cody Casto 18:44; 50th, Justin Shaw 19:01; 51st, Jon Russell 19:02; 56th, James Smith 19:18; 60th, Cole Russell 19:24; 72nd, Jayson Naylor 19:59; 77th, Justin Babe 20:11; and 84th, Noah Carrothers 20:19.

The Warriors travelled to Boardman to compete in an invitational Sept. 20.

The Lady runners finished 9th in Division II.

Dunlap finished eighth in a field of 417 runners with a time of 19:19 to lead the team.

Following Dunlap were: 60th, Davis 21:25; 66th, Wells 21:35; 84th, Donley 21:55; 109th, Days 22:18; 204th, Lewis 23:48; 236th, and Maddie Formet 24:13.

The CHS boys cross-country team finished 18th.

Lovett led the Warriors with a time of 17:02 and a 10th place finish out of 420 runners.

Other runners following Lovett included: 34th, Huggett 17:36; 173rd, Jon Russell 19:14; 206th, Smith 19:37; 244th, Shaw 19:49; 257th, Cole Russell 19:57; 258th, Babe 19:57; 264th, Naylor 19:59; and 306th, Clay Pidgeon 20:38.

The Warriors are scheduled to compete at the Cambridge Invitational Oct. 3.