Executive Director Tracy letter to the Editor


Dear Editor,

Did you know depression affects 15.7 million adults and 2.6 million teens? With the rising number of individuals experiencing depression, we encourage you to participate in National Depression Screening Day.

Depression not only affects your body, mood, and thoughts but can also interfere with daily activities such as work, eating and sleeping habits. Lasting feelings of sadness, decrease in energy, trouble making decisions, and loss of interest in once enjoyed activities are all possible indicators of depression.

Adolescents may show these signs of depression as well as display angry or violent moods, unexplained headaches or stomach aches, and feelings of worthlessness. These can lead to behavior problems and emotional issues well into adulthood.

We at Pathway Caring for Children can help. We support the mental wellness of our community not only of students in Carrollton Public Schools but also their families and community members. Our licensed therapists offer a personalized plan that may include individual or group therapy, support groups or behavioral therapy in an effort to encourage growth and positive change.

While adults may individually take the step to receive assistance, children must rely on parents, teachers, or other caregivers to recognize their struggles and get them the treatment they need. If you or anyone you know can relate to the challenges caused by depression please contact our Clinical Director Jim Feicht at 330-627-9610 or take a look at our website www.pathwaycfc.org to take a depression self-assessment and to learn more about the services that Pathway offers to children, families and community members.


Wendy Tracy

Executive Director

Pathway Caring for Children