Get to know… Bridget Britton


Town of Residence:

Uhrichsville, OH



I have been married to my husband, Josh Britton, for over seven years. We met in college at Mount Vernon Nazarene University in Mount Vernon, OH (Knox County). Josh and I met on our first day of school, and dated all four years, after he chased me a little bit throughout the first fall semester. We were engaged before graduation and married the summer of 2010. We have two cats, Hazel and Remy.



Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) OSU Extension educator for Carroll County


How long have you held this position:

I have been the FCS Educator since September of 2017, but I worked for OSU Extension in Carroll County before that. Previously, I was the SNAP-ED Program assistant where I taught health and nutrition classes throughout the schools and community in Carroll County. I held that job for a year and a half prior to the FCS position opening up.


What or who influenced you to become involved in the field you are in:

It started when I was a freshman in college; I knew I wanted to be involved in a helping profession. My pastor and others encouraged me to get a degree that would allow me to help, support and advocate for others who are not able to help themselves. This led me to a degree in social work where my professors continued to help me strengthen and develop skills to serve others. I always had a passion to serve, educate and advocate for those struggling to improve their lives. My journey throughout my career has given me many supporters who have carried me through difficult times. My husband was the biggest advocate for me to come to Carroll County, to serve the community in a new capacity through nutrition. I have always believed strengthening communities through education is the key to supporting and improving lives in the community. I was pleased when the FCS position opened and allowed for a broader reach to the public with the ability to offer so many more programs and the availability to sit on boards to advocate for others. I received support and inspiration from my co-workers, friends, and families to apply for the position.


What are your duties?

I have been blessed with the opportunity to provide outreach, education and advocacy to and for the people of Carroll County. This position offers a variety of opportunities for the community and myself. I sit on boards within the community: Family and Children First, HARCATUS Head Start board, and the Drug Free Coalition. I am working to establish community relationships and partnerships with a variety of agencies and community members. I believe education and outreach to the people in the area make Carroll County a great place to live and work. I am currently working on getting new educational programs available to the community OSU Extension has to offer including: Dining with Diabetes, Successful Co-parenting, Mental Health First Aide, Matter of Balance (for senior citizens), Homemade Gifts from the Heart, Basic Money Management and Generation Rx (a drug prevention program), as well as continuing some already established through extension food safety and canning classes and an assortment of nutrition classes.

If you would like to learn more information or details on some of the programs listed, feel free to call our office at 330-627-4310.


As a youngster, what did you inspire to become one day?

When I was very young I wanted to become an artist, but around the 4th grade, I realized I could barely draw a stick figure or a straight line with a ruler. So, I gave up that pretty earlier in life, and decided I would become a lawyer, because I liked to talk a lot. Just ask anyone who knows me! However, I realized how much extra schooling I would need to go through after college…So here I am!


What are your hobbies?

I love to swim. Whether it is indoors or outdoors. I swam on a team from the time I was five years old all the way through high school. I try to go to the YMCA and swim at least twice a week, and work out several times a week there, taking a variety of classes. I enjoy reading books and putting puzzles together.


In my spare time, I enjoy…

Spending my days in the sun at the Uhrichsville Waterpark during the summer. My husband and I love to canoe, kayak and ski. We try to take a winter ski trip to Colorado with his family every few years. We go to movies and play board games with friends.


Favorite Food:

Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches.


Last Movie I saw:

A Wrinkle in Time.


Favorite movie of all time:

Kate and Leopold.



What girl does not like a nice romantic comedy? I have a love for history and I have always thought the concept of going back in time was neat. It is a pleasant easy to follow movie.


People would be surprised to know that I…

Grew up in West Virginia and since have lived in Ohio, Indiana, and California with my husband. When we were in California we lived an hour from the beach, mountains and desert. We loved going to the beach on our days off and body boarding. We tried surfing once, and it was very difficult. Our time and experiences in California are ones I will never forget and cherish forever!