Get to know…Ryan Buck

Ryan Buck works at his desk at Carroll Hills School

Name: Ryan Buck

Town of Residence: Carrollton

Family: Wife, Christina


Director of Educational Services for the Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities


How long have you held this position?

Since November of 2017. I have been employed with the Board since 2013. Prior to my current position, I have been a Preschool Intervention Specialist at Carroll Hills School and a Developmental Specialist for the Early Intervention Program with the Board of DD.


What or who influenced you to become involved in the field you are in:

My mom. She babysat in our home. Seeing her care for children like they were her own, who weren’t her own, really instilled in me the power of educating children.


What are your duties?

As Director of Educational Services, I supervise the county’s Early Intervention Program. Early Intervention provides services to infants and toddlers ages birth to three years old with disabilities or suspected disabilities.

I also oversee our preschool program which enrolls students with disabilities and those who are typically developing.

I also serve as Carroll Hills School Principal which serves students in Kindergarten through 12th grade who have multiple needs and disabilities.


What do you see in the future for Carroll Hills School?

My goal and vision for the program is to continue serving and educating children who need our services at a high level. I also want to see additional emphasis on teaching our students, at a young age, skills they can use in life after Carroll Hills. Transitioning to life after Carroll Hills in terms of finding employment and/or developing life skills is, and will be, a priority.


As a youngster, what did you inspire to become one day?

Lots of things: Farmer, journalist, lawyer, politician, chef, teacher, etc. I thank the 4-H program for that. I grew up in the Carroll County 4-H Program. I was a 10 year member and an advisor for a few years. All of the different projects taken through 4-H really opened up my interests. The process of interviewing through the different judgings in 4-H really helped me with public speaking in my career.


What are your hobbies?

I need more hobbies. I am still taking college classes at Kent State, so between my family, work and school there is not a ton of extra time.


Community activities:

Member of First Christian Church of Malvern


In my spare time, I enjoy…

I love taking day trips and vacations with my wife when we can. My wife and I have a beagle puppy named Copper who takes up a lot of our spare time.


Favorite Food:

Carrollton’s locally owned Betty Kaye Bakery brownies and Jimmy’s Backyard BBQ.


Last movie you saw:

The Shack. I am told I need to read the book.


Favorite movie of all time: Why?

The original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

It’s a classic. I dare you to watch that movie and not eat chocolate.


People would be surprised to know that I…

Those who really know me wouldn’t be surprised by this, but often people are surprised because I didn’t play many sports growing up. Before you ask, I am 6 foot 9 inches tall.