Health Dept. seeking additional funds through tax levy

By Nancy Schaar
FPS Correspondent

CARROLLTON – Carroll County Commissioners again discussed steps needed to place a levy on the ballot that would raise funds for the county health department.

Commissioner Lewis Mickley said he spoke to Leanne Cline, health department director, and explained a letter she sent to commissioners stating the department has insufficient funds can not be accepted since the department has been using carry over funds to operate.

No action to place a levy on the election ballot this fall can be taken until Cline provides an updated budget for the county auditor to review. The budget will have to show actual “red ink” and the department must submit a new letter of insufficiency before the auditor can move forward, according to Mickley.

Mickley said Cline told him some things were left out of the budget and she will redo it to show all funds and expenses.

“The auditor couldn’t answer any of my questions since she has no budget to review,” said Mickley.

He the first step comes from commissioners to request a levy be placed on the ballot through a resolution and then the auditor must certify the need.

Mickley will continue to discuss the matter with Cline.

Commissioners placed a levy on the November 2016 election ballot for the health department, but the levy failed.

In an unrelated matter, commissioners discussed problems with the request to vacate a portion of Thistle Road from Rose Township trustees.

“I was told by Rod Yoder the numbers just do not add up,” said Commissioner Bob Wirkner.

The portion of Thistle Road was to have been vacated by a 1906 agreement, but the measurements and description do not match up with the present road. Wirkner is concerned any action taken by commissioners to vacate that specific portion of road will leave the landowner of approximately 40 acres landlocked, which they cannot do.

The description from the 1906 agreement bases the measurements and location of the portion of road vacated on the location of farm buildings at that time. But those buildings do not exist today, according to Wirkner.

Following discussion, commissioners agreed to amend the county travel policy to use county vehicles whenever possible, to fly by airline only by coach, will not pay for any meals within the county limit, to use a rental car if the trip is more than 180 miles, and to approve a mileage rate for personal vehicles when used.

Wirkner also questioned if a travel policy exists for the Solid Waste board. That matter will be discussed further after information is gathered.

In other business, commissioners:

– WILL hold a public hearing to address the 2018 proposed county budget July 10 at 9:45 a.m.

– AGREED to sign with PNC Bank for the county’s credit card.

– HIRED Keith Gardner as full time maintenance/driver for County Transit beginning July 5 at a rate of $12 per hour.

– AGREED to use BIS Digital on an as-needed basis for recording software.

– SCHEDULED a public hearing July 20 at 10 a.m. for the CHIP (Community Housing Improvement Program) grant for 2017.

– OPENED one bid for bridge replacements on Bedrock bridge in Harrison Township and Snow Bridge in Lee Township. The bid was $93,712 from U. S. Bridge of Cambridge. The issue was tabled for consideration until July 6.

– GRANTED an extension for the Park District’s Accessibility Project until Sept. 30.

– ADJUSTED the consultant fees for CHIP (Community Housing Improvement projects) for fiscal year 2015 with Hall Community Development, LLC increasing the amount by $4,425 for a total of $99,125.

– RECEIVED the dog pound report with seven impounded, five adopted out, one redeemed, zero destroyed, two citations issued for no license and no citations issued for running at large.

-PRESENTED Mike Bryan of the county engineer’s dept. a certificate of safety achievment for preventing accidents by conducting monthly safety training.