Huebner Chevrolet goes to bat for youth league


Huebner Chevrolet provided Carroll County Youth League with new equipment, $1,000 contribution and instructional clinics

Huebner Chevrolet partnered with the Carroll County Youth League in Carrollton to provide needed equipment and a sponsorship check for $1,000 to help offset costs for the league and the kids.

“Playing baseball helps kids develop skills like leadership, cooperation and sportsmanship while bringing families and communities together to show their support. Huebner Chevrolet and Chevrolet Youth Baseball are proud to participate in a sport that brings so many smiles to kids and families in Carrollton.” said Josh Cole, general manager for Huebner Chevrolet.

In addition, Huebner Chevrolet already provided an equipment kit that included useful items such as Franklin brand protective screens, bat packs, scorebooks, industrial-strength batting tees, first aid kits, ball buckets and T-shirts.