I promise…… to have a safe, sober prom night


Students planning to attend the Carrollton High School prom April 30 are being asked to sign a “Prom Pledge” as part of the “Celebrate Life Responsibly” campaign for a safe, sober prom night.

Prom Promise signing WEB
Members of the Carrollton High School senior class prepare to sign the “prom promise” to have a safe, sober and fun prom night. They are shown with members of the “Celebrate Life Responsibly” campaign. Shown above clockwise from top left are: Sheriff Dale R. Williams, Darcy Bolanz, Carrollton Firefighter Margaret Mesler, Dr. Mandal Haas, Kilie Corrales, Tori Stewart, Zach Davis, Megan Little and Emily Ratchford.

Darcy Bolanz, coordinator of the Celebrate Life Responsibly campaign, said less than 40 students signed the pledge last year. “Our goal is to increase that number this year,” she stated. “I would like for everyone going to prom to sign the pledge.”

Bolanz has been out in the community gathering items for gift bags which will be given to five lucky pledge signers. “Once they sign the pledge, their name will be entered into a drawing for the gift bags. Plus I will be asking questions during the annual mock crash. Those who answer the questions correct will receive a lunch certificate from different restaurants downtown.”

Items in the gift bags include gift cards for gas and a car wash, gift cards from various restaurants and businesses, warrior items and candy, among other things.

“The entire community has really helped and been supportive of this cause,” Bolanz stated. “We want to let the kids know we care, the community cares about you. We all want you to have a safe prom.”

“Carrollton students have done a wonderful job on prom night. We have had no accidents in recent years,” Carroll County Sheriff Dale R. Williams said. “It didn’t used to be that way.”

Williams noted there have been serious accidents on previous prom nights but not for a very long time.

“It says a lot for the students,” he continued. “They are slowing down and not drinking and driving.”

Bolanz wants to get the students involved, to help them understand the importance of the message. “There are lots of things for them to do here without drinking and driving,” she said.

A mock crash demonstration will be held Friday morning beginning at 9 a.m. in front of the Carrollton High School gymnasium. Members of law enforcement, safety personnel and first responders will address students.

Bolanz is an investigator for Carroll County Coroner Dr. Mandal Haas.