Incumbents Gotschall, Pozderac retain school board seats


Two incumbents were re-elected to seats on the Carrollton Exempted Village School District Board of Education during the Nov. 3 General Election.

In a four-way race for three seats, incumbents Wendy Gotschall and Mike Pozderac won re-election. Gotschall received 3,291 votes and Pozderac 2,523. They will be joined by Helen Skinner, a former board member who did not seek re-election at the last election. Skinner received 2,665 votes. Daniel Pesta, the fourth candidate, received 1,659.

In a four-way race for three seats on the Brown Local Board of Education, incumbents Ronald Ruegg and Chad Browning won re-election to their seats. Incumbent Wallace Anderson was bumped from his seat by newcomer Tara Bowe. Ruegg received 1,049 votes, Browning, 777; Bowe, 763; and Anderson, 733.

In a four-way race for three seats on the Conotton Valley school board, voters favored Chris Bower, Robert Higgenbotham and Logan Putnam. Bower received 649 votes, Higgenbotham, 486; Putnam, 481; and Blanche Nign, the fourth candidate, 445.

Totals for Minerva, Sandy Valley, Edison and Southern Local are as follows:

Minerva school board (2 to elect) – Stanley Pennock, 1,424; Rob Yeagley, 1,778.

Sandy Valley school board (3 to elect) – Scot Bowman, 1,623; Lynne Herstine, 1,567 ; Stephanie Hannan Wigfield, 1,446.

Southern Local school board (2 to elect) – Michael Abraham, 928; Jay Cole, 876.

Edison school board (2 to elect) – John Prokopakis, 3,103; Tracy Wright, 2,641.

Edison school board (1 to elect) – Thomas Fonow, 3,297.

Other candidates for school boards and the Carroll County vote totals are as follows:

East Central ESC – Ron Busby, 3,733.

Columbiana County ESC (2 to elect) – Heather Milliken Mercer, 1; Paul Taylor, 0.

Jefferson County ESC (2 to elect) – Bill Lollini, 31; William Schaefer, 68.

Stark County ESC (2 to elect) – Gene Feucht, 1,050; Mary Olson, 1,681.

Results are unofficial.