James Kiefer letter to the editor


To the Editor:

I live on Autuman Rd. southwest of Carrollton. In 2013, work began on a well pad across the road from my home, less than 700 feet from my property.

Dynamite was used at least six times in 10 days. Chesapeake or anyone contracted by them never informed me these explosions were going to take place. My house shook and I could actually see and feel the shock waves as they moved through my home. Having dynamite used that close to your house is a terrifying and unforgettable experience and this particular well pad is in close proximity to 10 houses.

On Nov. 1, 2015, while fracking was taking place at the well pad, my well was destroyed. I did not have any cold running water in my house for the next six weeks. Three different plumbers were out to fix the problem, but they all said they had never experienced anything like it, and none of them were able to fix the problem. I had massive amounts of sediment in my water lines. Finally, on Dec. 14, my house was hooked up to a water supply tank that was set up in my backyard. The water from the tank was cloudy and had a bad taste so I had to buy drinking water from town and haul it to my home. Following seven months of extensive plumbing work, countless phone calls and e-mails, my well was finally repaired.

In June 2016, I reported to Chesapeake the noise coming from the well pad was extremely loud and unbearable. It was like living across from an airport with jet engines constantly running. The noise was nerve-wracking. After eight months, and getting help from Congressman Bill Johnson and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, sound boards were finally put up around the fan compressors at the well pad. The noise has lessened, but is not gone.

During all of this, at least three times I had to report that my windows and walls were shaking at night from the activity at the well pad. Chesapeake had to come out and readjust machinery at the pad.

Only weeks after the sound boards were put up, work continued on a different Chesapeake well pad, which is less than half mile from my home. The noise currently coming from that pad is much louder than the pad across the road from me.

Although I live less than 700 feet from one well pad and less than a half mile from the other, my land is not in either unit. I will never see a penny from the royalties of these two wells.

I am writing this as a warning to other residents of Carroll County. If this could happen to me, it could happen to you.


Jim Kiefer

Carrollton, OH