Keep track of your favorite Boston Marathon runners


Area residents can keep track of area participants in the April 16 Boston Marathon through the Boston Athletic Association website.

Readers can go the website at and click on “BAA races” at the top of the page. Click on Boston Marathon, and then click on “Event Information,” scroll down to “ATT Athlete alerts” and follow the directions to set up an account.

Residents can also text the word RUNNER to 234567 or register online at

Readers should enter the bib number for the participant they wish to follow to be opted in to receive up to eight messages. Bib numbers can be found on the Boston Marathon website listed above.

Area runners and their bib numbers include:

Larry Rutledge, 22849;

Steve Slates of Delloy, 4536;

Holly Bittaker McCullough, formerly of New Harrisburg and now of Texas, 20594. Bittaker, the daughter of Ron and Shirley Bittaker, is running in her first Boston Marathon.