Letters to the Editor


To the Editor:

I saw an amazing thing on Super Bowl Sunday!

I saw a man who cheated death seven weeks ago and just got to come home, get to see family and friends who had been praying for him come together and show their love for a fellow man in need!

I saw Republicans and Democrats side by side serving great food that was provided by a very generous local business, which gave an enormous amount of time, great labor and great food. I saw happy faces on Baptists and Catholics as they rubbed elbows in the serving line along with Lutherans and Presbyterians trying to decide which dessert looked the best that Assembly of God members provided. And they were wonderful!

I saw Methodists and Nazarenes chattin’ it up with a few Faith Family worshippers about the cool stuff in 25 gift baskets donated by local businesses and friends. I even saw some people I think were heathens (but who cares). They all showed love and came together to support a cause and be united!

I saw a part of humanity that impressed everyone there. Not only the guests were blessed, we all got blessed, especially the winners of the raffle baskets, who were thrilled.

I saw life at its best on Super Bowl Sunday and the game that night wasn’t bad either.

Thanks Carrollton and neighbors for showing your true colors by pouring out your souls in love. What a great thing to see, don’t you agree?

“To be loved by another is to see the face of God.” (Les Miserables).


Johnny Mach

Carrollton, OH



To the Editor,

The Carrollton High School Student Council would like to thank local businesses and individuals for their contributions to help us create a successful Winter Homecoming.

First of all, we would like to thank Bud’s Flowers, which donated the queen’s bouquet, and The Awards Center for donating the trophies for the king and queen. We would like to thank Dan Kirk for serving as Dj for our dance, and Glenn A. Kerns of Camelot 2 for taking the pictures.

We would also like to thank last year’s king, Luke Leslie, and queen, Meygan Bales, for returning to crown our new royalty. Finally, we would like to thank our fans for making the night special. Without your generosity and kindness our homecoming wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you!


Bailey McKarns

CHS Student Council



To the Editor:

I usually try to ignore things I can do nothing about, but the stupidity I have seen lately as far as our new President is so upsetting.

We finally have a president who cares about this country and is working hard to keep us safe and make policies that benefit the American people and this wonderful country.

All he is getting is much static from political opponents and people who riot and have no common sense. Rather than have closed minds, the left should have this country’s best interest at heart rather than their own agendas.

As co-chair for the Trump campaign in Carroll County, I may be prejudiced as I can see how President Trump loves this country!

He didn’t have to take on this stressful job. He had a wonderful job as head of his company. Out of his love for this country and its people, he has taken up the mantle to try to change things for the good.

As far as I’m concerned, he should be able to make decisions such as the ban on refugees and not have it changed by a judge.

When more Americans are killed by the refugees shouldn’t these judges be held accountable? Wake up and realize what is more important: our country or a political view or party?


Kathryn King

Scio, OH