Letters to the Editor


To the Editor:

The CHS Student Council would like to thank a few people for their contributions that helped us create a successful Fall Homecoming Parade and Crowning Ceremony. For the parade, we would like to thank Deluxe Body for supplying the flat bed for the pep rally and to DeNoon Lumber for providing the lumber for the bonfire. We would like to recognize all of our parade participants who filled our homecoming parade with Warrior Spirit. For our crowning ceremony, we would like to thank Bud’s Flowers who donated the Queen’s bouquet and The Awards Center for donating our Queen’s trophy. We would like to thank Lynn Fairclough, the Carroll County Auditor’s Office, for sponsoring the Queen’s crown and the Carrollton Athletic Office for donating a football signed by all Fall sports athletes. We would like to thank Glenn A. Kerns, from Camelot 2 for taking the pictures at the game. We would also like to thank last year’s Queen Taylor Keefer for returning to crown our new royalty. Finally, we would like to thank our fans for making the night special. Without your generosity and kindness our homecoming wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you!

Bailey McKarns

Student Council member


To the Editor:

These are the thoughts from an expert and I think there’s a lot of truth there. We know that we live in a grievance society where grievance has become its own form of politics. It’s spreading. Grievance is taught on many college campuses. Grievance is always treated as justified.  But for the most part, those who have grievance and incorporate politics into their grievance generally are always said to be justified.

In fact, I might say that one of our political parties has actually, as a matter of strategy, tried to create as many victims of whatever as they can, and this party has then presented itself as the solution, the answer. Of course the problem with victimology, the problem with victimhood is once you adopt it, once you accept that you’re a victim, a lot of things happen.

You are immediately, in your mind, you are free of blame. You are free of responsibility. And you also are free in believing you don’t have a chance at succeeding or achievement or accomplishment because the deck’s stacked against you. One political party will say  “It’s not your fault. We’ll fix those who did this to you. We’ll get even with those who did this to you.”

So you adopt that you’re a victim of something. You are a generational victim of slavery. You’re a generational victim of masculinity. You are a victim of male patriarchy. You are a victim of extreme right-wing politics or whatever. Once you adopt it you are immediately saying you have no responsibility for yourself, and you have no ability to triumph, because no matter how hard you try and how hard you work, the deck is always going to be stacked against you.

It’s a very artful and, for the Democrat Party, it’s a very successful political strategy to create as many victims as you can and then group them and then acknowledge their grievance and then promise to get even. Here’s what happens, though. They somehow never get the satisfaction of whoever it is that did whatever was done to them, there never is any revenge. The party claims they’re gonna get even, but it never happens. The people you end up blaming continue to live, continue to live prosperously, happily, whatever ways in which you don’t live, and so your anger festers and your resentment festers.

All of that is used as a political advantage by the party which encouraged you to accept the fact that you’re helpless and not responsible because powerful forces have been arrayed against you. It’s a recipe for unhappiness. It’s a recipe for what is said here. Scapegoat society for others, for your failures, your hopelessness, and it builds and builds to the point you gotta get even, and you take mental instability and throw it in the mix and we have violent outcomes as seen with shootings.

Randy Miller

Carrollton, OH


To Carroll County families:

Just because marijuana is now legal in some places it is not legal here and I pray it never is. Why? You’re hurting yourselves and your families. There will only be negative consequences in your future. It’s just a matter of time. Marijuana is a “Gateway” drug. As with any drug, some people can try it and leave it, but so many can’t and it leads them to other stronger drugs, such as opioids. You don’t know who is more easily addicted. There has been a horrendous amount of OD’s in Ohio alone from opioid drugs. The statistics are staggering and most of them started by using marijuana.

Did you know that if a loved one is trying to stop an opioid addiction they should never smoke weed? It is way more likely for that person to start using again if they smoke marijuana. The addiction leads them back to the stronger drugs again. So if you know someone who is trying to stay off opioid drugs, please don’t offer them weed.

A war is raging in our country and drugs are one of the weapons being used. If our people keep dying from drugs at the rate they are now we will be easy picking for any foreign takeover.

Some may not agree but I have submitted this letter for only one reason- to warn people and help keep them safe. Parents, do you want harm for your child? If not, you need to set the right example. You can’t tell your child not to do drugs if you’re doing them. Think they don’t know? Think again! If they can smell they know if you’re smoking weed. Celebrate life, don’t kill it! When people live under the influence of drugs their families are being abused and neglected in some way but the drugs will cloud the mind from seeing this.

Declare your home a “Drug Free Zone.” You will never regret it and you will save lives.

Bonnie Little

Carrollton, OH


To the Editor:

After attending several Union Township public meetings we are deeply disappointed about how the meetings are being conducted and how the taxpayers’ money is being spent.

If you are an elected official we feel you should at least attempt to do business within our county. To make it perfectly clear, we understand how the bidding process works in the townships. A township must bid work if it is going to exceed $45,000, (an increase over the previous limit of $25,000). Some townships choose to bid regardless of cost. However, when our company, which is located in Carroll County, and has eight part-time and full-time employees, tried to give a bid on chip-n-seal, the Union Township trustees informed us they were not taking bids regardless of cost! They said they were using a business located outside the county to do the chip-n-seal. In doing so they spent $16,800 above what would have been the cost if they had used our local company.

Now the trustees are going to add on to a building and again we were told no bids will be taken.

This November, four people are running for two township trustee positions. We hope before casting their ballots that Union Township voters will attend a trustee meeting and carefully consider their choices. The Union Township trustees will meet twice before the election, Monday, Oct. 16, and Monday, Nov. 6, at 7pm.

The meetings are held at the Union Township Garage in Petersburg across from the Algonquin Mill and are open to the public.

Tim Thompson

Owner, Carroll Asphalt

Carrollton, OH