Letters to the Editor


To the Editor:

Thank you everyone for saving your tabs for Akron Children’s Hospital “Dialysis” once again. We got a little more this year, 177, so we’re getting a little more again.

We’ve been taking the tabs since 1999 and some of you have been on our list from the beginning. So we really appreciate your staying with us after all these years. So keep saving them because as long as we are able, we’ll take them in October.

Elmer and Judy Stidom



To the Editor:

I feel compelled to write a response to the recent letter from the members of VFW Post 3301 urging voters to “vote no” on the Airport Restaurant Issues.

I do so because they have conveniently ignored the facts surrounding their attempt to restore permit privileges at Post 3301. It is not true that the issuance of a D1 and D2 permit to the Airport Restaurant will prevent VFW Post 3301 from obtaining permit privileges. One way is for the issuance of a permit outside the quota. It is called a TREX permit which stands for Transfer for Economic Development.

Presently, a D3 permit is available for issuance to the VFW. It would allow the sale of spirituous liquor sales at the Post. There is no indication that the VFW has even made an application for the D3 permit which is available off the quota list. In fact, there is no evidence to date that they have applied for the D1 or D2 permits that they want.

The VFW Post 3301 continues to just keep “dropping the ball”.

Henry L. Fein

Galena, OH