Letters to the Editor


To the Editor:

In the November issue of “Ohio Cooperative Living”, Carroll Electric Cooperative has warned its member-owners that they can expect to see an increase in their electric bill beginning in January of 2018, specifically, in their service availability charge. Management has pointed out several factors that have caused this action that members need to examine.

First of all, Carroll Electric points to increase right-of-way maintenance expenses, brought on by the additional cost of dead tree removal, off “corridor”, brought on by the emerald ash borer. The EAB infestation in this area started in 2009. The decline of the ash trees is slow, basically taking several years for trees to essentially starve to death.

About that time, Carroll Electric opted to proceed with an “aggressive ROW program”, and started seeking mileage bidding by large ROW companies to save ROW costs and clear more “miles of line”. At that time, local contractors were being paid on a time and material rate, and would frequently perform work outside the normal corridor to remove threat vegetation and travel around to “hot spot” areas to help to control electric outages.

Carroll Electric could have opted to continue with at least a portion of this service to control future threats, but instead chose to go all-in and relied on the large ROW companies to perform rapid “mileage clearing”, all the while ignoring threat vegetation that was outside the prescribed corridor. In addition, these companies employ the use of mechanical tree trimmers that are able to trim vegetation rapidly along the sides of a right of way.

The problem with this procedure is that the “trimming” conducted is not arbor culturally sound and many tree species will decline in health and die after this practice. So, then there are threat trees not only beyond the conductor corridor, but alongside, as well. So now, revenue is being spent to control threats that should have been managed years ago.

Management also points out the weather as a factor in the necessity to raise rates. It is claimed that the recent mild winters and cool summers have caused a decline in power usage, thereby reducing revenue. Several years ago, Carroll Electric also pointed to the weather as the fault of rate increases, mainly because of storm damage and heavy winter snow load. It seems this company is searching for the perfect “Goldilocks” weather zone that just doesn’t exist.

The final factor noted for the necessity of the rate increase was the loss of commercial accounts, specifically because of the decline in coal production. While coal production has declined, the one natural resource area that continues to grow and expand is shale oil and gas. Infrastructure of this shale play has continued to grow with pipelines, compressor stations, and processing plants. In particular, there are 7 of these facilities in present production that fell within Carroll Electric’s service region.

The Co-Op decided to turn these areas over to the American Electric Power. Though it was a substantial initial investment, AEP now receives 7-figure revenue for these facilities on a monthly basis. AEP seems willing to adapt to new energy demands, while Carroll Electric mourns the decline in another.

AEP’s investors have got to be smiling over this new increased revenue. Meanwhile, CE purchases new equipment that is saddled with Federal Excise Tax, complains about lost revenue, and passes rate increases onto its member–owners.

Seven years ago, a proponent of Carroll Electric stated that he was not willing to “pay for Cadillac service on a Chevy budget”. While the “Cadillac” is purring along, it appears the “Chevy” is down for a costly overhaul and the members are paying for it.


Timothy L. Brooks

Dellroy, OH


To the Editor:

On Thursday, Jan. 5, 1933, then President Herbert Hoover announced the death of his predecessor Calvin Coolidge.

Among several things concerning the deceased, he mentioned that “His nature has become his own lifetime a synonym for sagacity and wisdom and his temperateness in speech and his orderly deliberation in action bespoke a profound sense of responsibility which guided his conduct of public business”.

In my option the same cannot be said of the man currently in residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and in fact I believe him to be the complete antithesis of that description.


Allen Richard Vensel

Carrollton, OH


To the Editor:

The Carrollton High School coaches and wrestlers would like to thank the community for the continued support of our wrestling program during our steak fry event. We would like to say a special thank you to the Vets Club for allowing us to use their facility, the Keyser family for donating their time to cook the steaks, Dave Householder for donating his services and equipment, parents for their time and effort put into planning this event and everyone who came out to support the wrestling program to make this fundraiser a success.

The food sponsors include: Ark Water, Betty Kaye Bakery, Dairy Queen, Depot Bar & Grill, Don’s Custom Butchering, Jeff Carter, Kishman’s Fresh Market IGA, Matt and Heather Campbell, McDonalds, Ponderosa Steakhouse, Sam’s Club and Ulman’s Bakery.

The auction, door prize and cash donation sponsors include: Aaron’s, Advanced Auto Parts, All-In Training, Ashton’s 5 &10 Store, Atwood Lanes & Pizza, Aultman Medical Group, Belle’s House,            Bentley Photography, BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse, Bob’s Gun Room, Bonefish Grill, Brace Power Equipment, Bravo! Cucina Italiana, Brooks Auto Parts, Bruce E. Barker, D.D.S., Bubba’s, Bud’s Flowers, Buffalo Wild Wings, Candlewood Suites, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Carroll Country Flowers, Carroll Meadows, Carrollton Athletic Department, Carrollton Family Dental, Carrollton Farmer’s Exchange, Cibos Restaurant, Cinsen’s Car Wash, Columbiana Napa, Consumers National Bank, Crossroads Pizza (Carrollton), Cutler Realty/Robyn Clark, Danny’s Barbershop, Danny’s Detailing, Dave Bright, Deluxe Body Shop, Dinger’s Garage, Dowell Dental Group, Dunlap Photography, El Pueblitos, ESO Pipeline, Fair Vision, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Fusion Ceramics, Glenda’s Sweet Confections, Gotch & Company, Gionino’s Pizzeria, Grubbs Family Chiropractic, Guess Motors, H&M Tire, Herron’s, Huebner Chevrolet Subaru, J-Pa’s Pizzaria & Grill, Jimmy’s Backyard BBQ, Joe and Rose Seck, John and Heidi Neininger, John & Desta Cooper, Kampfer Lane Farms, Tom & Kitty Weir, Loudon Motors Ford, Lovett Construction, Lowell Hilty & Donna Sullivan, Lumber Service Hardware Store, Manfull’s Market, Matco Tools, McBane Insurance & Financial Services, McFadden Insurance Agency, Mulligan’s Pub, Murphey Tractor & Equipment, NAPA Auto Parts-Carson, Newell Realty & Auctions, Olive Garden, Pampered Pets, Pepsi, Pieces with Purpose, R & L Auto Service, Radio Shack, Rae Knipp, beautician, Red Lobster, Rick & Carol Hannon, Rossi’s Drive Thru, Sarchione Ford, Seven Ranges, Seven Springs Fencing, Shannon Noble, Sherwin Williams, Smith Piping, Smoke, Snap on tools, Snyder Power Sports, Texas Roadhouse, The Rail, Tractor Supply, Waynesburg Vision Care and Workhouse Fitness.


Ken Pasiuk

Head Wrestling Coach

Carrollton Warriors