Letters to the Editor


To the Editor:

It’s time again to get ready for Boy Scout Troop 141’s annual Ham Dinner.

We almost decided to cancel the dinner because of the lack of volunteers to man the kitchen, but I said we will manage somehow.

I will be cooking in the kitchen this year. It looks like we will have a lot of help from Betty Kaye Bakery. Bill Abrahims wants us to succeed! With the help of everyone we will succeed!


Mark Walters

Retired Scout Master

Boy Scout Troop 141


To the Editor:

Last week’s (thankfully) false alarm in Hawaii shows just how on edge we are as a country.  This follows by only two days the senseless and rampantly racist comments made by our president, words which could never be reprinted in this publication. We have a president who is crass and careless and… childish. This occurs at a time when what our country needs  is reassurance and confidence in those who are making life altering or life ending decisions.   The rest of the world looks upon us with horror as our president blusters and billows and creates chaos with each new tweet and unguarded word.


Gail Walker

Carrollton, OH



To the Editor:

From 1921 to 1965, there was no legal immigration in America.  Immigration was purposely halted for over 40 years because there had been so much immigration from Western Europe and other parts of the world that those people arriving had to be assimilated. The immigrants back then wanted to come to America to escape genuine torment, poverty, tyranny, wherever they lived. They wanted to come be Americans.

Modern immigration was kick-started by Senator Kennedy in 1965. And the purpose at the time in 1965 was to provide an ongoing underclass for the Democrat Party. It was a way of broadening the Democrat Party base to an even greater group of people in need, people incapable of providing for themselves; taking care of themselves.

The influx of illegals coming across the border became out of control.  It gotten so out of control that, by 1986, we had to grant amnesty to three million of them in addition to the people that arrived here legally. That was called Simpson-Mazzoli. And Ronald Reagan signed it with a promise that this is it, we amnetize these three million, and from now on the border’s protected and no illegals get in, at least we try as hard as we can.  We know how that didn’t happen.

So in 2015, the Pew Research Center ran some numbers and found the modern immigration wave since the new law (Senator Kennedy, 1965) is 59 million people.  Immigrants and their descendants accounted for 72 million in U.S. population growth from 1965 to 2015. Immigration since 1965 has swelled the nation’s foreign-born population from 9.6 million in 1965 to 45 million three years ago, which makes this, 45 million people, that is the largest movement of people in the history of the world, as Pew goes on to admit in the final paragraph of their story.  And then they write that the U.S. has by far the world’s largest immigrant population, holding about one in five of the world’s immigrants.

It’s still not enough. The Democrats continue to want more. And they’re demanding more. For all kinds of reasons: primarily for new voters to their party.

Because of this migration of people, who are not assimilating, who are not being forced or asked to assimilate, people arriving here who do not see America the way the early immigrant arrivals of the late 1800s and early 1900s did, we’re going to lose our culture, this is where we’re going to  lose our society, this is where we’re going to lose the ingredients present at our founding.  This is why Donald Trump was elected: to stop this.


Randy Miller