Letters to the Editor


To the Editor:

As a former co-owner of two local businesses, I feel compelled to write this letter urging residents to shop locally. The opening of our new grocery store is going to be important to Carrollton: providing jobs, which help the local economy and eliminating the need to drive out of town for groceries.

Local businesses are what support school programs (sports, music, etc.), scouts, fire departments, county fair and 4-H and events that financially benefit individuals and organizations. It is not the big corporate stores that support the surrounding area, but the local owners who sit beside you in church, attend school events and wave to you next door.

In times of job loss, threatened unemployment and out-migration, it is even more important to spend your hard-earned dollars locally! According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small businesses account for 55 percent of all jobs in the U.S. (Laura Fuller, December 2017 Crossroads).

How can we keep Carrollton and the surrounding area strong? One way is to support local entrepreneurs. Secondly, money from small businesses tends to stay in the area and flows back into the economy. Funds need to flow through the economy to keep it strong. A recent study from Utah showed an average of only 14 percent of revenues at “big box stores” remain in the community compared to 52 percent of revenues from small, local businesses. (Laura Fuller, December 2017 Crossroads).

I hope you will join me in supporting our local businesses plus welcoming and shopping Sander’s Markets, our new, full service grocery store!


Elizabeth Sweeney

Carrollton, OH


To the Editor,

The Carrollton High School Student Council would like to thank a few people for their contributions that helped us create a successful Winter Homecoming.

For our crowning ceremony, we would like to thank Carrollton Country Flowers, which donated the queen’s bouquet and made the court’s corsages, and to The Awards Center for donating our king and queen’s trophies. We would also like to thank last year’s king and queen, Hailey Wells and Cole Russell, for returning to crown our new royalty.

Our dance took place Jan. 27 with the theme “The Perfect Night”. We would like to thank Glenn A. Kerns, from Camelot 2 for taking the pictures at the dance. A special thank you to our  “cookie moms”, JC Birong and Kris McKarns, for passing out cookies and punch to our students and to our gracious chaperones for volunteering their time.  Finally, we would like to thank our student body for making the night special. Thank you, and GO Warriors!


CHS Student Council

Meghan Hill, advisor


To the Editor:

The letters to the editor last week about my immigration comments were interesting, but missed the mark.  As I stated, immigration was really nothing before 1965.  Yes, as they mentioned, there was some immigration, but not to the extent that meant anything. It was very small, hardly noticeable.  I saw no mention of the negative results of the new immigration bill that passed in 1965 or the impact of the illegal immigration on our nation from these writers. Here goes.

The Brookings Institute reports one fifth of our current population are foreign born: that includes the ones here illegally. The Current Population Survey (CPS) of immigrants and their US birth children now number 84.3 million or 27% of our population: more than any other country in the world.

While many immigrants embrace our country and do well, we have too many exploiting us. The Study For Immigration Studies finds 51% of the legal and illegal households use at least one welfare program, excluding school lunch programs, a year, compared to 30% of non immigrant households.  Medicare is 42% to 23%.  They come here poor with no education or skills.  The study finds they come here for welfare.  Not your same immigrants prior to 1965.

The PEW Research Institute estimates, as of 2015, there are 11.2 million illegal immigrants or 3.5% of our population.  While for many, the only law they broke was entering our nation illegally, they have cost the taxpayers.  According to the Federation for Immigration Reform, illegal aliens cost the local, state and federal government $135.9 billion dollars annually.  The money they do make, according to Representative Mike Rogers, is sent home.  In 2015, it was $24 billion.

There is also a human cost by not protecting our borders.  The Justice Department shows 90% of foreign-born prisoners are illegal aliens.  They also make up 23% of the total population.  Homicides represent 22 to 37 percent of the total in the U.S. from our illegals. Just think of all the lives saved and assaults avoided if the wall had been built with increased border protection as promised back in the 80’s with the last amnesty bill.

We have been very generous and it’s costing us. Those who wrote the letters to the editor don’t get it.  They may be part of the hate America, open borders, one world government crowd.  We must protect our citizens and our country: it’s the moral thing to do. It’s time to stop this madness, rescind the 1965 law, build the wall, and screen immigrants who want to assimilate with skills to make America great.


Randy Miller

Carrollton, OH