Malvern fiscal officer asked to resign


By Nancy Schaar

FPS Correspondent


Malvern Council agreed to accept the resignation of Fiscal Officer Patricia Griffith following executive session during the March 6 council meeting.

Shortly before the council session began, Griffith was asked to join Mayor Bob Dunlap and Solicitor Chad Murdock in the mayor’s office.

Griffith returned to her office and a few moments later, handed Dunlap a sheet of paper and her keys to village buildings and offices.

The paper stated Griffith was resigning her position as fiscal officer effective March 6, 2017.  Griffith then left the building.

Dunlap confirmed, when asked by the media, Griffith was asked for her resignation.

No reason was given and no further details were provided.

The executive session lasted about 40 minutes. The stated purpose was to discuss the employment or compensation of a public official or employee.

Council members did not show any surprise when the mayor read the resignation of the fiscal officer.

Council has not held any executive sessions in recent weeks to discuss the position of fiscal officer but yet several members said they have spoken to people they thought might be interested in the job.

“We have talked to a couple of people about being the fiscal officer but no decision was made,” stated Council Woman Barb Burgess following the executive session.  Burgess said she and Councilman Tom Holmes spoke to a couple of people about the job, but council did not make up their mind.

Council indicated they won’t advertise or accept applications for the position.

A special meeting of council was scheduled March 8 at 6 p.m. for the purpose of hiring a fiscal officer.

Council again questioned the reservation book for pavilion rentals at the park for the summer.  The book was finally retrieved from the state auditors office. Council used receipts found and many people called as requested by council to confirm their dates of reservation.

If anyone has already made a reservation for this year at the park, they are asked to contact village hall to confirm.  Anyone wishing to reserve a pavilion must send the check or money order made out to the Village of Malvern to village hall.  Receipts will be mailed.

Council members reported they are still having a problem receiving mail that should be addressed to the village hall.  Former mayor Angela Lambert has been receiving village mail at her residence since some time last year. Council is still attempting to have all mail sent to the village address.

In other business council:

– DISCUSSED a location for a storage shed to be constructed for the high school baseball team.

– ANNOUNCED the next park committee meeting will be held March 23 at 7 p.m.  Weather permitting, the meeting will be held in the park.  If there is inclement weather, the meeting will be held at village hall.

– AGREED to hire someone to wash the windows inside and outside at the water department every month for $50 a month.

– DISCUSSED clean up day for the spring.  A letter was retrieved which was sent to the former mayor’s home address from the Solid Waste District asking for confirmation of tire removal by March 17.  The administrator will take care of the issue.

-SET the next meeting March 20 at 7 p.m. in village hall.