Malvern officials express safety concerns over faulty fire siren

By Nancy Schaar
FPS Correspondent


MALVERN – Village officials expressed safety concerns during the Oct. 5 council meeting because the village does not have a dependable working fire siren in the village at this time.

It was noted during the session, there is one siren that works sometimes but the other sirens are not working at all.

“Cost for one is $25,000 plus installation. We don’t have the money.  Maybe we could put up a big thermometer to help with donations,” said Council Woman Kathy Ritter.

It’s too late in the year to submit any grant applications but council members agreed something has to be done.

The new siren would rotate and would cover more than three fourths of the village. Fund raisers were suggested. Solicitor Chad Murdock said that might not be such a good idea because every dollar would have to be accounted for and earmarked for the siren project. If the project fell through, every dollar would have to be returned to the donor.

The old siren is 70 years old.

In an unrelated matter, Mayor Bob DeLong expressed concern about someone cutting trees in the park. DeLong says it looks like someone is adding another nine holes to the frisbee golf course, but no one has been given permission for the project.

The path being cut isn’t big enough to get the village mowers through and stumps of trees are being left that are about a foot in height.  And that is unsafe for several reasons, according to DeLong.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the mayor or Administrator Marcus Benson.

“We’re not opposed to the idea but we need to know who is doing it, and we need a say in how it is done,” said Benson.

Fiscal officer Ashley Ring said she would like to get the 2018 budget prepared and do one appropriation for it if it can be done by the end of the year.

Previously the village approved a temporary measure of appropriations until the final one could be approved in early spring.

“I’d like to do it just once,” said Ring.

Ring announced several updates were made to the village website. This includes ordinances for grass, junk cars, trash on property, a calendar for pavilion rentals at the park and more.

In other business council:

– PURCHASED a utility trailer at auction to use for hauling village equipment at a cost of $2,300.

– RECEIVED and returned a surveillance camera because it was not a wireless unit. A complete refund was received.

– ANNOUNCED the meeting minutes will be placed on a new bulletin board in village hall.

– REMINDED residents leaf collection is underway and leaves will be picked up every morning through the end of November.