Malvern recycling site moves to new location


The CCH Environmental Group’s recycling site in Malvern will be moved from its current location at the fire department to the parking lot behind Damascus Friends Church, 401 W. Main St., Malvern (former Malvern school) Feb. 8.

“The recycling site in Malvern is well used by Malvern residents,” says Barb Walton, director of CCH Environmental Group. “We want to thank everyone in the Malvern area for being environmental stewards, the Malvern Fire Department for providing us a location for the recycling site over the last several years, and Damascus Friends Church for their willingness to provide a location for residents to recycle for many years to come.”

All CCH’s drop-off recycling sites in Carroll County accept the following materials:

“Items listed on the container are the only items permitted in the recycling containers. If it is not listed on the container labels or on the sign, it doesn’t belong in the container. This means no Styrofoam, no plastic bags, no kid’s plastic toys, no vinyl siding, no electronics, no mattresses, no windows or doors, and no pool liners,” said Walton. “This are just a few examples of items that do not belong in the containers, she added.

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