Motorcycle driver crashes after high-speed pursuit with Carrollton Police


A Tennessee/Ohio man remains in a Canton hospital following a pursuit involving the Carrollton Police Department Sept. 20. Police Chief Bob Elliington said Patrolman Allen Furbee attempted to stop a motorcycle on Fifth St. NW at about 1:30 p.m. driven by Stephen L. Trisdale, whose address is listed as Dennison on court records and Baxter, TN, on the police report.

Trisdale was traveling 38 mph in a 25 mph zone. The officer followed the bike as its speed increased to 41 mph and turned left onto High St. The officer initiated his lights and siren as the bike turned right on N. Lisbon St. and then left on 7th St. Trisdale passed a vehicle on 7th St. and continued through a stop sign turning left onto Andora Rd. accelerating to 100 mph.

Trisdale passed a vehicle at the Mobile Rd. intersection and again before Buttercup Rd. He continued right onto Cobbler Rd. where he passed a horse and buggy at the intersection of Andora and Cobbler roads and another vehicle before reaching Channel Rd. When he approached the intersection of Cobbler Rd., Trisdale turned onto Cobbler and headed east.

He continued on Cobbler Rd. until he reached the intersection of SR 39 where he failed to make the turn and hit the embankment. Upon impact he was ejected from the motorcycle. He was transported to Aultman Hospital with a leg injury.

The case remains under investigation and charges are pending. Trisdale is scheduled to appear for an arraignment hearing before Carroll County Municipal Court Judge Gary L. Willen Sept. 28 at 1 p.m.