New program helps residents pay for costly prescriptions


A new program is available to help county residents pay for costly prescriptions.

Carol Risaliti, executive director of Prescription Assistance Network (PAN), said the program has been available for some time in Stark County and is designed to help individuals who have high co-pays or have difficulty in purchasing needed prescriptions to maintain their health.

“You fill out the form, and then you are qualified for the program for a whole year.  If you’re circumstances would change, you are asked to notify us.  But you don’t have to go through the process every month,” said Risaliti.

“It is our intention to work with your community.  We want to make sure needed medications are provided regularly,” continued Risaliti.  These include medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, and other chronic conditions.  Risaliti said insulins are harder for them to get. However, residents can save enough money on other prescriptions, then they will have more of their money to purchase what isn’t covered under the PAN plan.




Household #        Income


1                        $29,700

2                        $40,050

3                        $50,400

4                        $60,750


If those who qualify can pay in part for their prescriptions, one prescription will cost $2, two prescriptions will cost $4, etc.  But if payment is not possible, then no charge is required.

The drugs are provided by the pharmaceutical companies to PAN and are administered by licensed pharmacists.  Controlled substances are not available through this program.

Currently the medications would be available at Stark County locations.  If enough residents signed up for the program, a weekly trip would transport the prepared prescriptions to the Carroll County health department for resident pickup.

If residents are interested in the program and want to apply, they should call 330-445-1087.  Further information will be provided at that time.