ODOT truck rolls onto side on 43 in Carroll County


Early Sunday morning, between 5:45-6 a.m., an ODOT truck went off the right side of the road on route 43 in Carroll County and rolled onto its side.

“It’s not uncommon, it’s unfortunate but it does happen,” Lauren Borell, ODOT District 11 Public Information Officer said. “It just goes to show how bad the roads.”

The driver of the truck was uninjured and the truck sustained minor damage.

“Stay home”.  That was the advice from both the Carroll County Sheriff Dale Williams and the County Engineer Brian Wise.

Wise said the crew worked around the clock and are at full strength today as they continue their effort of plowing and salting the roads. Wise also said the snow may not look like a lot, maybe a few inches, but underneath is ice. He added that the biggest problem facing road crews right now are snow drifts. Snow drifts are five or six feet deep and as soon as they’re plowed they seem to fill again.

There have been no trees reported down or any power outages reported to Wise either and he’s thankful for that.

At 2:45 Sunday morning, Supervisor Alan Furbee pulled trucks off the road because they had two trucks in ditches and the roads were just too bad to have the plow crews out there. Workers returned full force about an hour later and were still at work by afternoon on Sunday.

“The crews are working 16 hour shifts and we have 11 drivers and 11 routes,” said Wise. He is concerned about the big drop in temperature expected tonight because everything will turn to ice.

“Unless you absolutely have an emergency and have to go out, please stay home and keep you and your family safe,” said Williams.

Williams declared a Level Two emergency earlier this morning after evaluating roads and the official reports he had received.

“It’s the worst drifting I’ve seen in years. Don’t’ go out. Our emergency personnel will have a hard time getting to you, and we just don’t want any accidents,” Williams said. “If you absolutely have to go out, go slow. Please go very slow. There is ice under that snow and it is very dangerous. Just stay home.”