Parking halted at Community Field


CARROLLTON – As construction progresses on the new Carrollton School complex on SR 332, the area is becoming congested with contractors and equipment.

Carrollton school officials are making several changes in an effort to keep everyone safe during construction, which includes the widening of SR 332 and the lower driveway.

“With so much going on, being attentive to the safety of visitors is even more important as the district administration offices remain open daily with limited parking,” said Ed Robinson, director of programs for the school district. “A construction fence will be placed around the perimeter on the main site of the field house, adjacent to Community Stadium and the POWER Training Center.”

Robinson stressed that no one should enter the construction site, even if they don’t see a barrier.

“Don’t think that a fence gap is an invitation to take a short cut,” said Robinson. “Whether you see fencing or not, no one may enter the job site without prior official approval and safety training. That includes evenings and weekends when workers are not present. Shook Construction (general contractor) will determine who from the school district is authorized to have job site access.”

The most dramatic change relates to parking at Community Stadium.

“There is no parking at the stadium until further notice, which includes all stadium events,” Robinson stated. “There will be designated drop-off points and bus shuttles from the fairgrounds to six major stadium events – Friday night football games and the Band Extravaganza. For non-Friday night football games and soccer matches, parking will be designated along Industrial Parkway.”

Signs will be posted designating temporary walk-up entrances to the stadium.

Officials are encouraging students and the public to be aware of large construction vehicles in the area.

“Please be attentive to the traffic when walking in the area,” Robinson urged. “Please turn off cell phones and take off head phones, look up and around and be aware of the surroundings,” he said.