‘Perennials’ compete in flower, design show


Despite hot temperatures, blooms filled the flower show building at the Carroll County Fair.

Friday Flower Show WEB
Flower Show Sweepstakes (most wins) and Best of Show winners from Tuesday and Friday flower and design shows are shown above. They are (from left): Grayson Moore, Margie Champer and Bill Kincaid.

Various cut flowers and design entries were entered in the Tuesday and Friday shows.

Long-time participant Margie Champer received Best of Show with her Tiger Lily and won the Sweepstakes award in cut flowers Tuesday. Hannah Petersen received Honorable Mention. Champer was the Sweepstakes winner in the “Happy Trails to You” design category. Grayson Moore received Best of Show with his “Tea on the Veranda” design. This is the first year, Moore, 10, participated in the flower show. He is the son of Kevin and Katrina Moore and the grandson of long-time participant Karen Moore. Grayson won three first place ribbons in the Tuesday design categories and a third place and honorable mention in the Friday design show. He entered a latch hook and baked goods in several youth categories. He noted his favorite fair entry was designing and decorating cakes.

Bill Kincaid, another long-time participant, and Champer, won the Sweepstakes award for the Friday flower show entries. Kincaid won for cut flowers and Champer, design. Jamie Kukunis received Best of Show for her design “Grandma’s Kitchen Garden.”.

Results from Tuesday’s show include:




Miniature Roses: Champer, first.



Day Lily: Ava Shepherd, 5080 Germano Rd., Carrollton, first; and Margie Champer, 1558 Canton Rd., Carrollton, second; Hannah Petersen, 1256 Bark Rd., Magnolia, Honorable Mention.

Tiger Lily: Champer, first and Best of Show; Shepherd, second.

Stargazer Lily: Kara Jellick, 5080 Germano Rd., Carrollton, first.

Lily (any other): Champer, first; Emilee Shepherd, 5080 Germano Rd., Carrollton, second.



French or Dwarf Marigold: Petersen and Champer, tie first.

Nasturtiums: Champer, fourth.

Petunia, single: Jamie Kukunis, 24043 W. Egypt Rd., Minerva, first; Petersen, second.


Celosia Coxcomb Plumed: Champer, first.

Celosia Coxcomb Crested: Champer, second.

Zinnia, large: Petersen, first.

Zinnia, small: Mike Wynn, 3029 Brenner Rd., Carrollton, first; Petersen, second; Champer, third.

Salvia: Kukunis, first.

Any Other: Kukunis, first.


Sweet William: Wynn, first.

Daisy, Shasta: Petersen, E. Shepherd, Champer, tie first.

Yarrow: Wynn, first; Champer, fourth.

Hydrangea, small: Jellick and Kukunis, tie first.

Any Other: Petersen and Tammy Booth, 6090 Germano Rd., Carrollton, tie first; Champer, second; Petersen, third.


Early Morning Hush: Grayson Moore, 3027 Pebble Rd., Carrollton, first; Karen Moore, 1057 Long St., Carrollton, second; Champer, third; Petersen, fourth.

Happy Trails To You: Champer, first; K. Moore, second.

Americana: G. Moore, first; K. Moore and Wynn, tie second; Champer, third; Petersen, fourth.

Tea on the Veranda: G. Moore, first.

A Walk in the Garden: K. Moore,first; Champer, second; Petersen, third.

Sundays in the Park: K. Moore, first.

What’s the Buzz: Champer, first; K. Moore, second.

Camping at the Great Carroll County Fair: K. Moore, first; Champer, second.


Cactus and Succulents (one speciman): Ann Myers, 24460 Sandy Creek, Minerva, and Jellick, tie first.

Cactus and Succulents (two or more in pot): Kukunis, first; Myers and E. Shepherd, tie second; A. Shepherd, third.


Flowering: Wynn, first.

Any Other: Myers and Booth, tie first.

Winners from Friday’s flower show include:



Miniature Roses: Champer, first.



Giant Marigold: Bill Kincaid, 1234 Avalon Rd., Carrollton, first.

Dwarf Marigold: Champer, first; Petersen, second; Vera Prinkey, 119 Salineville Rd., Carrollton, third.

Petunia, single: Graden Cook, 4392 Arrow Rd., Carrollton, and Erika Zeedyk, 3091 Explorer Rd., Carrollton, tie first; Kincaid, Prinkey and Zeedyk, tie second; Kincaid, third.

Cosmos: Zeedyk, first.

Celosia Coxcomb Crested: Kincaid, first.

Zinnia, large: Prinkey, second.

Zinnia, small: Magen Bourquin, 2245 Arrow Rd., Carrollton, first; Prinkey, second; Garrett Bourquin, 2245 Arrow Rd., Carrollton, third.

Sunflower, small: M. Bourquin, first.

Impatients: Prinkey, first; Petersen, second; Zeedyk, third.

Geranium: Prinkey, first; G. Bourquin, second; Kincaid, third.

Any Other: Zeedyk, first; Prinkey, second.


Phlox: Zeedyk, first; Prinkey, second.

Lupine: Champer, first.

Snapdragons: Prinkey, first; Zeedyk, second; Prinkey, third; Cook-Honorable Mention.

Daisy, Shasta: M. Bourquin, first.

Daisy, Rudbeckia: Prinkey, first; Zeedyk, second; Kincaid, third; Petersen, honorable mention.

Yarrow: Prinkey, first and Best of Show; Cook, second; Kincaid, third.

Hydrangea, small: Kincaid, first;

Sweet Peas: Zeedyk, first.

Any Other: Booth and Champer, tie first; Zeedyk, Kincaid, Booth and Champer, all second; Kincaid, Petersen, Leah Bourquin, 2245 Arrow Rd., Carrollton, and Booth, all third; Kincaid, honorable mention.


Day Lily: Prinkey and Kincaid, tie first; Kincaid, Champer, Booth and Petersen, all second.

Tiger Lily: Champer, first.

Stargazer Lily: Kincaid, first.

Lily, Any other: Champer, first; Kincaid, second and third.

Gladiolus: Zeedyk, first and second.

Dahlia, small: Prinkey, first; M. Bourquin, second; G. Bourquin, third.

Begonia: Prinkey and M. Bourquin, honorable mention.

Any other: Champer, first.


Weekend at the Lodge: Champer, first; K. Moore, second; Petersen, third.

A Cozy Night in Front of the Campfire: K. Moore, first; Petersen, second; Champer, third.

Starry, Starry Night: K. Moore, first; Champer, second; Petersen and G. Moore, honorable mention.

Family Time: K. Moore, first; Deana Petersen, 1256 Bark Rd., Magnolia, second; H. Petersen, honorable mention.

Grandma’s Kitchen Garden: Kukunis, first; M. Bourquin, second; K. Moore and Champer, third.

Let’s Celebrate: Champer, first; K. Moore, second.

Hello Sunshine: Champer, first.

Fire Works: K. Moore, first; Champer, second; G. Moore, third.

A Walk Thru the Meadows: K. Moore, first; Champer, second; H. Petersen, third.

Summertime Blues: Kukunis, first; K. Moore, second.