Plan in the works to privatize Carroll Hills Industries


A plan by the Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities (CCDD) to privatize Carroll Hills Industries is underway, but CCDD officials are not releasing the plan.

It was reported at the Feb. 25 meeting of the CCDD Board that Supt. Matt Campbell met with Ray Heaston, business manager, and Steve DeFilippo, director of adult services, Jan. 29 and Feb. 19 to discuss plans to privatize Carroll Hills Industries on North High St. in Carrollton.

Options were reported to the Carroll Hills Industries board Feb. 24, along with the recommendation for privatization starting Jan. 1, 2018. However, Supt. Campbell said Monday he could not release details of the plans since they have not been approved by the CCDD Board.

In another unrelated item, Supt. Campbell told the board he received an email Feb. 16 that the Board’s plan of correction was accepted by the Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) Accreditation team and a three-year certification will be mailed.

He also received an email Feb. 22 that the Board’s benchmark plan was approved by the DDD. Campbell said the Boards’ benchmarks include:

1) Guaranteeing separation of case management function (Service and Support Administration) from providing Medicaid Waiver services;

2) Providing private provider options for the last Medicaid Waiver recipient that is being transported by the board to Carroll Hills Industries;

3) Reducing Carroll Hills Industries census of 37 individuals receiving Medicaid Waiver dollars to 35, and

4) Privatizing Carroll Hills Industries which is part of the plan to recruit and increase current private provider capacity to serve those that receive Medicaid Waiver dollars.

“It has been made clear that the Carroll County Board of DD must provide sufficient private provider options for those receiving Medicaid Waiver dollars when they purchase services of home maker personal care, day, employment and transportation,” Campbell told the board.

The Superintendent also reported to the board that he attended the Superintendent Executive Committee meeting Feb. 12 at the Franklin County Board of DD.

“The Ohio Association of County Boards attorneys were present to address the requirements facing sheltered workshops paying special minimum wages to disabled workers under the Fair Labor Standards Act.” Campbell stated.

He also said John Martin and Lori Horvath, director and deputy director, respectively, of the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, covered topics of the mid-biennial review, medication administration, Intermediate Care Facility downsizing, integrated setting transition plan status with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, overtime payments for private providers, Service and Support Administration billing and Medicaid Waiver services.

In other action, the Board:

– APPROVED payment of $1,802.46 for January bills in the hot lunch account;

– APPROVED payment of $182,491.61 for January bills in the general fund account;

– APPROVED payment of $38,000.45 for January bills in the Residential Services account;

– APPROVED a new application for Family Selected Services;

– HELD a one hour and 15 minute executive session to consider compensation of a public employee with no action;

– SET the next regular meeting March 17 at 5:30 p.m. in the administration building on Roswell Rd., Carrollton.