Political parties nominate candidates


The race for a county office is officially on!

Registered voters for three political parties cast ballots for candidates at the May 8 primary election.

Carroll County Board of Elections officials said 4,000 total ballots were cast, including 1,199 Democrat, 2,673 Republican, 4 Green and 124 Independent. The total ballots cast include 544 absentee. Eighteen provisional ballots were not included. They will be counted during the official canvas May 21 at 9 a.m.

Michael V. Repella Jr. received the Republican nomination for Common Pleas Court judge with 2,025 votes. He will face incumbent Democrat Dominick E. Olivito Jr. at the November election for a six-year term. Olivito received 964 votes from Democrats.

Unopposed for county offices in the Republican primary were incumbent Commissioner Jeffrey L. Ohler, who polled 2,056 votes, and incumbent County Auditor Lynn Fairclough, who received 2,100 party votes.

At the state level, Governor candidate Mike DeWine received 1,386 votes from county Republicans while Mary Taylor garnered 1,199 votes. With a large field to choose from on the Democrat ticket, Richard Cordray polled 626 county votes followed by Dennis John Kucinich, 271; Joe Schiavoni, 133; Bill O’Neill, 46; Paul E. Ray, 28; and Larry E. Ealy, 24.

For Attorney General, Republican Dave Yost listed 2,035 votes and Democrat Steve Dettelbach, 826.

For Auditor of State, Keith Faber polled 2,035 votes in the Republican primary and Zach Space garnered 951 votes in the Democrat primary.

Frank LaRose garnered 1,925 votes from the Republican party and Kathleen Clyde, 843 from the Democrat party for Secretary of State.

Running for Treasurer of State, Sandra O’Brien received 1,010 votes and Robert Sprague, 1,283 in the Republican primary. In the Democrat primary, Rob Richardson received 841 votes.

In the US Senate race, Jim Renacci garnered 1,393 Republican votes followed by Mike Gibbons, 668; Melissa Ackison, 278; Don Elijah Eckhart, 77; Dan Kiley, 66; and write-in, 2. Democrat Incumbent Sherrod Brown received 1,018 votes.

Running for Representative to Congress 6th District, vote tallies were Bill Johnson, 2,038 and Robert J. Blazek, 406 in the Republican primary. In the Democrat primary, Shawna Roberts received 703 votes and Werner Lange, 262.

Votes for Justice of the Supreme Court were Republican Craig Baldwin, 1,897 and Democrat Michael P. Donnelly, 893; along with Republican Mary DeGenaro, 1,878 and Democrat Melody J. Stewart, 856.

Running for Court of Appeals, 7th District Court of Appeals, Kathleen Bartlett received 1,486 votes in the Republican primary while Damian DeGenova, withdrawn, still polled 595 votes. On the Democrat ticket, David A. D-Apolito received 512 votes and Holly Hanni, withdrawn, had 453 votes.

Running for State Representative of the 95th District, Don Jones polled 1,903 votes in the Republican primary and Dan Milleson earned 879 votes in the Democrat primary.