Readers Write


Dear Editor,

As coach of the Salem 7th grade girls basketball team, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Athletic Director Mark Spears and his staff for putting on an exemplary basketball tournament. Too often, the lower grades play a tournament with nothing special. Mark ran a tournament that a sectional, district, or regional high school site would be proud of.

Mark was there when we arrived to escort us to our locker room. On the opening Saturday of the tournament, the basketball mothers provided a meal for all of the participating teams. On the championship night, all players were introduced for both teams, the trophies were passed out in a nice ceremony, and the winning team was permitted to cut down the nets and given the game ball. It was just a wonderful opportunity for all who competed.

I actually lived in Carrollton in the late 50’s and 60’s. Had I stayed, I would have been a member of the Class of 1969. I can remember playing in the lot at the old football field by Bell-Herron school in the late 50’s while my parents worked the concession stand at varsity football games for the FFA. Later my Dad was the principal of Bell-Herron. To return and coach on that very spot was special. Again, I thank Mark for all he did to make it that way.


Glen Windram

Salem 7th grade girls coach